So I'm sorta back in action I hope


Ok so I had some crazy shit happen. Basically ended up in the hospital for awhile. Lost like 40 lbs. Well I’m up and moving again. Gotta get back on this choo choo train.:grinning:


Welcome back my man. I don’t know details but I hope your transition back is smooth.


Thank you my man. We will just say lucky to be alive. Had a collapsed lung broken ribs. Was in bed for 3 weeks plus a week and half in the hospital.


Holy fuck bro. Glad to hear you are okay!! Glad to have you back.


Whoooooweeee…don’t push yourself too hard…yet.


I was always wondering what happened my friend. Quit pissing people off. Here’s to a fast track back. Do what you can…don’t focus on the past , muscle has memory for suuurre. Lots of goodies still here when your able…u aren’t a newbie! Glad to see you back.


Yeah I’ll be needing to make a order on Wednesday. So I can get back in the program. I totally changed the way I do things. I don’t move to fast anymore. I been cooking all my meals. Chicken broccoli an rice 3 times a day 2 or 3 bananas, bout 8 eggs and some oats. Every day all day. Lol I tell you what laying up in the hospital almost fking died. It really opened my mind. I been taking life for granted. In a instant it all coulda been gone…

Can’t wait to get back into the groove of things
I been hitting the gym lightly. Walking about 5 miles with the dog at night. Gunna try and dry out a bit keep a nice lean mean look. We shall see…


Glad you are doing ok bro best of luck on road back to health!!


Hope your doing good ok bro! Glad your back!


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: omg dude! its strane. the other day…early part of last week i thought to myself. i havnt seen @Mrbell87 for a minute and one other member…hmmmm i thought…wow hope they didnt leave.

i am glad yoy are ok.

its soo true how crisis can really get someone to zone in on the value of their life and the world around them. we often dont realize till we are there…just how much even the simple things as moving freely we take for granted…till we end up like those or with the simular or same conditition…not necessarilly ailment…as those that cant…

but now the blessing of recovery allows us to put in play such epiphany…

nice to have you back and well and ready for action! great news man…big hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Im glad to hear that you are alive brother.
Muscle memory is amazing you can catch back up quickly.


Glad to have you back bro. Like Murph said, you’ll be back quite quickly. Keep your head up and grind my friend.


Thanks everyone for the motovation. I’m ready to get back on the saddle and crush it. Gunna be making an order this Wednesday with United I hope I really liked there gear. I still have some so ya…


Well thats awesome to hear man! United has some bad ass gear! I love it myself :smiling_imp:


Maybe me :wink:


@Mrbell87 I don’t know you but it is good to hear that you are back on your feet and swinging for the fences.

Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.



Thanks brother. Feels good to be back in action… that down time was a big no go.

One shot! One kill!


Like @SemperFi stated, don’t know ya, but welcome back. Semper fi, pink mist,rangers lead the way,kill kill kill. Thanks for your service.