Should I go with a mix or seperate


As the title states I’m wondering if I should get a mix for my next cycle or stay with separate vials. I plan to start tren A, test P, and mast P. I’ve notice a few sources carry mixes with all three in one. I planned to run my tren a little higher than my test, but the idea of less injections is nice. So besides not being able to altering the amount of each in a mix is there any other disadvantage?


Nope. Just less volume if the numbers fit what you want. Same compounds so there is no difference.


Ok it doesn’t fit it perfect, but I think I can make it work with a small adjustment. Thanks for the reply just wasn’t sure.


No problem. You could always add a little more test on its own.


I myself like using them all separate so you can have more control over each if need be but its prob cheaper to use mix so all depends on you bro


I agree with @Fitraver. You could always add more Test to the mix or whatever the compound is you want to run higher than the rest, which I would assume would be Test.


Yea that’s my game plan just never used a mix before wanted to see if there were any downsides.


I agree with @MBTJR1980 on keeping them seperate, to control the amounts on your own.


SBL has a good cut mix…and inexpensive. 100-100-100. I like that blend and then add a little tren hex…or in your case test. A long acting at 300 or whatever. I personally respond well to a test long acting and maybe an oral as a base and those three eod or wherever you wanna be. I found the long acting blends not as desirable because its usually not 300 test, 200 tren E, Mast E 200 in a 1cc!


That’s who I was looking at for the mix plan to buy some extra test and run my test a bit higher, but may just leave it. Maybe all I need with it being my first tren cycle.


I’ll x2 that as well. More control over exactly what you’re putting in your body. Plus if say mid cycle you wanna up a compound or even drop one then its as simple as pie.


Yeah, that’s what I was figuring just seen a mix with all the compounds that I was going to take. Just never messed with mixes.


I have been using @SymBiotecLabs 500 mix , test e 300 n deca 200… I hav never used a mix up until now, but it fit my weekly needs perfectly, so I gave it a shot and it’s great and goes in smooth like his test e 500. It made the most sense pertaining to money and pinning schedule


Well their cut mix is what I’m looking at. And it would save me some money which is what I like so I’m sure I’m going to get it. I probably get some more test and just add to it. But with the money I save it won’t be a problem at all.


Sounds good, I will be using that down the road from him