Scammers Email List and Addresses


What is there exact website and how did the situation happen because if they really did scam you im going to blow up the net telling everyone that there scamming


I sent over $300 on 11-14-17 for a simple domestic order a few days as promised no issues. Now they’ve reached out to me bc I told them I would reach out to my brethren’s in the UG community and label them as a Rogue site stealing from hardass working people like you&I. There rebuttal was me FINALLY receiving a tracking number but it came to be someone who resides in Florida not up North. I was again given a false tracking number and they were fully aware of WTF they’re doing. I even doubled checked my information bc I knew they had something up there scandalized sleeves!!! I’m beyond Irate they assured me was in communication every other day until they received my hard earned cash WU transfer and then they disappeared just like their doing today. I was supposed to receive my package 11/16/17 and it ended up in Fort Myers, Florida they shamed me ruined my reputation and many business relationship burned do to there FAKE ASS PROMISES and I want my pound of flesh!! This dude [email protected] or [email protected] representing TEAM AP is a Scam a Rogue Site. My sister who’s autistic has issues and her insurance company sucks this man assured me to help me and to fully trust in his procedures and products well I did and now look hundreds gone and this Dickbaggggg is laughing counting my hard earned cash!!!


This is why we are only recommend using verified sponsors that have their own category we know that they are on top of their game and are legit they’re not stealing from anybody. I appreciate you posting this though this is great information for everyone to see that there’s plenty of scam artists out there I’m sorry to hear that you got taken. Stick with UGM


Big M need a solid As I was stating to you before that this rogue site anabolicspharmacy…com ripped me off about 3k worth of products. As well as Megatron labs and Macmillian Pharma as you can see I’m in great need of a rdptdpreliable source with accurate estimates and great products from Viagra to some muscle relaxers to some great gear. Currently using with Frank and with Alan. Do you have any recommendations please any


Yes i was SCAMMED like no other and im hot right now!!! feeling like i could just squeeze the life out of through the lies the tranfer the complete texting back and forth brotha"s stay the HELL away from this source or site have all dudes info on his rouge ass site. PLEASE BIG MURPH YOU SAID TO SEE ABOUT ANY DOWNRIGHT SOULESS MOFO’S and i listened to a friend whos has luck but this boy/man straight up jacked me until he picked up the funds. i have evrything his numbers are on site their cell phones email addresses please you know revenge is the sweetest next to getting pu???. this man robbed me then laughed over text like daring me to blow him the F??? up so i ask of your guidance and wisdom on the mannor at hand!?! www.cannabisShopMall…com these jokers got it coming somethinhg fierce stealing from thr hard working honest man bottom feeders should cut your sacks off just so your kind cant breed shameless souls BIG MURPH NEED YOUR ELP THESE WWW.cannabisShopMall…com blaicklist there scamming assses


Who are they ?
Do they have an account at ugm ?
If they do I will ban them immediately.
This is why I say go with a verified sponsor and not a scammer. This really sucks brother im sorry to hear about it but there is really nothing I can do but you can go into the srcs hall of shame. Post the title with there site first followed by scammers.
This way if anyone else checks to see if they have good reviews your review will pop up on a Google search.
Make sure you write it out in length because google takes the length of the information about the subject and uses that to determine how high on the list it pops up…
I also edited out the links for there site in your post so that no one can click on them and go to their website.
Just add more … in your post but write the correct address in the title of your post about them scamming.

Also brother use a verified src at ugm and you won’t ever have any issues.
You can also use

They carry everything you could ever need.
Naps pulled away from all the boards but there still a verified src at ugm