SBL sponsored athlete show preparation


From today on will start posting here everything related to my preparation for competition; it will be a 14-15 weeks journey. I started today with a pin of 1 cc SBL test mix, nice, clean , smooth…no pip.
Am training one body part a day and the 6th day off, am doing 30 mins cardio 3 times a week; am staying on a very low carb diet Mondays thru Fridays and i load up on Saturdays and Sundays.
As i have made a decision to compete again i can not deny that i feel a level of fear and nervousness about all that i know very well is coming, but am glad to go right against this fear and face the challenge…i feel highly motivated and confident God will give me the strength i need to make it


Good luck Pastor , :slightly_smiling_face:
You gonna be cut again, no short bulk nothing?


Will do 4-6 weeks that I will get a little heavier, but am planning to maintain this leanes and then just get shredded


What’s your height?


5’4’’ brother


I wish you the best Pastor if you need any help along the way im here for you keep up the great job :wink:


Thanks my brother


TRT Symbiotelab Test cyp 200
this is the result of 4 weeks on this compound, 2 pins of 100 mg a week. Last pin was last Wednesday, blood test was taken the following Friday about noon


That’s a great results. I’d say it’s even overdosed! That number is over 7x your dose!


I must share this with you all; yesterday i took my second pin of SBL test mix 400 (100 mg test p / 150 test e/ 150 test cyp), i injected 1 cc…i already feel the pump. After loading up on carbs during weekends i come back to a low carb diet during the week, usually by Wednesday am already feeling light again…but yesterday was different i feel the increase of muscle tone, very powerful compound, painless when injected, fast acting
I had to add some thing to this…see i was making an effort to make objective comments, but i am, i am visibly bigger, my shoulders and chest are looking fuller. Great stuff


Exactly a week ago i was 162 pounds after a couple of days of carb loading, exactly a week ago i started with SBL test mix 400 ( 2 pins a week ). Today i took my third pin, today i am 172 pounds ; this is the most powerful compound i have ever experienced.
(please forgive me for the bad quality pics it was 4 am, nobody around to help me and get better light)


You can make that statement after only one week of use? That’s great if it is hitting you that hard in only one week. The long ester serum levels are not even peaked yet.


Wow Pastor up 10lbs on low carb diet thats great! Test is best man especially overdosed test lol happy for you man! Wait till longer ester starts kicking in like @SemperFi said should make you feel even more powerful and full.


@MBTJR1980 And in a week lol


Yes my brother thanks for the support, i go low Mondays thru Fridays and load up on weekends . I felt the test pr from this compound a couple of days after the first shot, hours after the second shot i was visibly bigger, i took the third shot today and the pump is awesome… today i looked at that corner between the top of my delts and the lower insertion of the traps and i thought…man!!! am looking like MBTJR1980 ( in my dreams).
I wanna take this opportunity to celebrate you beloved…wherever you post you bring support and positivism…in a kind and humble manner…i could not possibly have more love for you


Could very much be overdieted and the extra carbs and test bringing up weight quickly. I remember my first show i gained 25lbs in a week after rebound obviously was extreme water retention i actually had cankles lmfao!!! Lesson learned the hard way once again :wink:


Thats very sweet Pastor im flattered bro! I dont ever try to be someone im not and as it shows I might be scary on the outside but im very kind, loving, and giving on the inside! I thought i was looking in the mirror when i saw your pics posted :grin: def looking great man keep up the awesome job and if you ever need anything you know im here to help :blue_heart:


Yeah def a big jump in water weight!


My Pastor always told me every time you stand up in front of a person you can do two tings:
1- Criticize them and doubt them or
2- encourage them and build them up
he always said to me never look down on a person unless you will help them up, also said to me: stay away from the dream killer.


Thats a great message from a wise man! I believe we all have greatness inside ourselves and can help others find it within with just a bit of encouragement and kindness. Treat people as you want to be treated. We are suppose to be iron brothers lets do our best to act as a family! Keep up the great job Pastor :muscle:t2: