Running cycles and keeping test at trt dose - thoughts?


Or if you are doing a prep you want Testosterone, a anabolic (EQ for example) a androgen (Tren) a hardening agent (winny ,mast, etc) . So when thinking about cycles usually 8 weeks of a derivative (ie other compounds than test ) is max effective time on receptors. AND YES EQ IS 8 WEEKS TO. EQ is the most misunderstood compound out there . I know a lot of people will disagree with my EQ statement but it wasn’t said with out reason.


I appreciate the feedback im thinking about trying something unconventional out as I move forward after this cycle. Im going to have to dig deep with research and see who is using what for hrt therapy and doses.
Thanks brother


Im curious about your opinion on EQ being misunderstood and using for only 8wks.
I know another guy that swears that the 8wks on receptors is the best way to go also he will run different compounds but only 8wks at a time except his test he will continue to run. I guess you could say he blasts other compounds while continuing his test dose.


I have also heard 8 weeks then time to switch when it comes to running. Something along with test. Just never thought about that with eq since everyone says it 16+. I’d like to see the research he had that talks about that for eq.


I can see though because even the primo which is another compound everyone says should be ran longterm was great after 3wks. People make it sound like it doesn’t do anything unless you are on for many wks its not true. I felt the primo around wk 3 for sure and its great. I’ve never used eq but im curious about it being misunderstood. Im always curious to hear opinions or better research that I don’t know.


I always run test and another anabolic which i will rotate out every 8 weeks like eq, deca or npp, tren, primo ect. Test is always run high and other compounds run to compliment it. I believe at 8 weeks receptors become saturated and its time to move on. Im sure you can stay on them longer but results slow down considerably. I was on 1200mgs of test400 and 900mgs of eq300 United Gear of course :wink: i just switched to 200mgs of npp along with 400mgs of test eod as of Monday. I will run this for 8 weeks then finish up the summer with 8 weeks of tren e and test400. Then ill cruise through winter on trt dosage.


This will be a damn good discussion. @SemperFi get in on this as I know you are opposite spectrum and feel the longer on something the better. As I’ve heard you say you’d pick longer time and less dose vsuigher dose and less weeks if have the same amount of gear.

I love these good discussions. I need to research that 8 week thing again as i knowni read plenty from people who are In that boat and rotate out something new every 8 weeks. I just hadn’t heard doing the same with eq/primo.


@fitraver The two philosophies are polar opposites but each take the exact same quantitive measure into consideration- nitrogen retention. Think of it as making a fire… You make it get hot and burn fast with adding fuel quicker or you can add fuel slowly over a longer period of time. The resulting end temperature will be the same as well as the amount of fuel used. The only thing that changes is the time to reach maximum temperature.

It’s science but it ain’t rocket science. :wink:


But what about the height of the fire? :wink: haha jk just messing around. So you saying at the end of the day it’s more personal preference and you don’t see one being ore advantageous than the other for muscle building or keeping the gains coming (or whatever goal is being worked towards)?

I only tagged you because I knew we had talked about primo at 600 for 20 weeks or primo at 750 for 16 and you had said you were in the camp that longer was better if you had to pick. Just thought I’d bring in someone from the opposite to give good discussion.


Yes and no. Nitrogen retention or more specifically degradation of nitrogen retention happens over a period of time. The larger the dose the larger % of degradation over a shorter period of time. Using a lower dose allows you to run it longer before the same % of degradation occurs.

Does that make sense?


Basically there will be a higher spike that will drop off quicker vs a more sustained dose throughout?


You could look at it that way. We can learn about hormone signaling, receptor uptake and cell interaction. Human subject research is very limited and/or suppressed so what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate properly into human results.

At the end of the day common sense and experience rules that day!


For sure. I agree with that. I would also think that switching compounds at 8 weeks would likely work better with short eaters as well vs longer. At least that’s what my common sense tells me haha.

Separate point. I still wanna hear your throughts on adding 2-300 deca for 12 weeks alongside a low test and high primo cycle for 16-20. Haha. We got a bit off track. What made me ask about it was you saying how you ran the 3 for trt so I was wondering how it may go on a blast with still Low dose deca same as test. Whether it could add benefits for a lean bulk and work well with primo or would only be good at that dose for joint support (as I’m guessing you used for in your trt).

Only person I’ve seen say it’s a good combo is that tool Dylan we talked about lol.


@Fitraver I am traveling. I will address that in detail on Sunday. :wink:


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You missed your Sunday deadline :wink: jkkkkk


Yes 8 weeks is about max . I wish I had the research in front of me about compounds other than testosterone for 8 weeks. It has to do with how the body recognizes the compound over time. Where testosterone is naturally occurring in the body and the body reacts different to synthetic testosterone than say EQ or decca etc.

One big misconception about EQ is how it releases . It does its biggest release the first 2-3 days . Then its continuous release over 13-16 days of the half life. Also EQ immediately boost’s your metabolic rate after first injection. If you ever wondered why you feel hot (not as bad as tren) on EQ it raises metabolic rate considerably. So injecting EQ frequently keeps a higher amount releasing at all times. People always equate the effects of a steroid “working” by weight gain. EQ is working immediately from raising your RBC count almost immediately causing more endurance . Plus EQ keeps working up to a month after last injection depending on higher doses 1000mg + (even 800+) . Palumbo has some good info on EQ to. I will try to find it in my library of gear notes lol


Is like to read that for sure!


@Big482 I’m guessing you front load the eq?


That’s interesting. I’m going to look at palumbo and what he has to say, thanks buddy.