Review Canabolics products and list


that canabolics are shady guy or guys-- they advertyise amps and several brands–they do not have any of those amps---- now finnea- alpha–amps of many kinds so i email and i got reply that they have none of the amps and only have genetix gear and if your from bc canada you know its garbage gear

Products and price lists not allowed anymore

Thats seems like false advertising to me bro!


yes it is FALSE list- now they sell finnea or say they do-it is another vancouver ugl garbage brand as well. The list and brands looked amazing-to attract attention then sell you weak genetix or dynamic or finnea now- any canadians who know gear steer clear of those brands anyhow


Well I wish someone would have contacted me about this situation.

Can you please comment about these claims.


Please post but also shoot me a pm and let me know about things like this.


@Bigmurph did your verification process discover any evidence that may have made you be concerned about issues like this?


Not that they had products that they offer that they don’t carry and also I was told by a member of another forum that they ran there gear and had no issues. Thats why I need the sponsor to comment on this because to say the gear sucks is an opinion I need to see bloodwork to show proof of that.
The offering products that they don’t carry is a different story which I hope isn’t true.
I haven’t had any negative feedback until now so will see.


Im Going to make this post its own topic because it kinda hi jacked my post about no more price lists.
Just wanted to let you know.


Our supplier has been having troubles getting pharm grade in that is why we do not have it right now. We have been selling the odd thing here and there when it comes in but that is it right now until we find a new source or they can get it into Canada eaiser. Can’t do anything when shit is being seized. As for our ugl labs have you tried any of them ? We supply thousands of people without complaints so not sure where your getting your information from. We can get other ugl labs but you must ask since they are not stocked with us and take a few extra days to make work.


Thank you for clearing up the question about the unavailable products.

No one has shown bad bloodwork on your products so until that happens there is no problems with sponsorship