Raffle Time! 1k in products!


Purchase a raffle ticket to receive 1k in products from MPG. Selling 100 tickets. No shipping fees necessary!


Winning number will be chosen by Staff thru https://www.random.org/

@Bigmurph @SemperFi @PHD @TrenGod



Check out this raffle opportunity from @MPG


I am getting in on this with multiple tickets. Let’s see how fast they go @MPG

A raffle ticket would make a GREAT stocking stuffer!


Thanks! We plan some other large ones if this one goes good.


This is awesome man, thank you!


Awesome idea. Thanks MPG.


Awesome idea! But… it’s labeled as once you sell 100 tickets! There is no set date or time frame for this so I would be concerned about my tickets sitting in limbo


Hey Josh. If it sits too long then we’ll adjust accordingly.


Is there a ticker for tickets sold?


@MPG My personal hope is that you allow it to run a long enough time to allow it to get a close to ‘sold out’ as possible. If that takes one week or 10 weeks I like the idea of more bang for the buck.

A ticker or remaining available is a good idea.


Member feedback is important!


Im gonna just add into this so everybody is aware… I do plan on purchasing my tickets


Yes for website orders it will show on the page for the product how many are left.

For orders made thru email we will have to manually input those so we will do those every few days. Ticket numbers are automatically generated thru the website.


Great idea MPG…just bought 5 tickets myself via BitCoin…so easy.

Hoping the tickets sell fast.


@01dragonslayer you needing $1k in gear fast? You dragon slayers are always wanting to get in and get out as quickly as possible. :wink:


Lol…thats our motto?..“GET IN…GET DONE…GET OUT!”…safely of course.


I bought 1 ticket! My chances are slim :joy:


A lot higher than those who don’t buy one. :wink:




How’s the ticket sellin’ going? Ant updates?