Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle- 16 Week Recomp


Cycle Update-

EU TrestA (MENT) 37.5mg/ED
EU TestC 200mg/WK
EU Primobolan Depot 400mg/WK

Routine Update-

Two consecutive rest days.

Diet Update-

First Rest Day - 2800cals (<30g carbs)
Second Rest Day- 24 our fast

Personal Notes- I put in 35 minutes weighted cardio on the first rest day. Today is the second rest day and I will not be do any type of cardio or training. My libido is spiked. Energy is solid. I have a sound method moving forward and I as I have been saying I have to keep my head down and avoid distractions. The holidays are a great time of the year and if I miss a meal or a routine it is not the end of the world. One meal or one workout does not make a cycle. I am human so I will enjoy the festivities within reason without allowing them to hinder my progress.

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Routine Update-
RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal
RM- Reps Made

Lower Body A-

Squats- 4 Sets, Rep Goal 35, RM 35
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, RG 30, RM 30
High Box Step-Ups- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, AMAP
Reverse Hack Squats- 4 Sets, RG 40, RM 40
Seated Calf Raises- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40
AB Wheel Roll Outs- 3 Sets, RG 75, RM 40
Shrugs- RP 2 minutes, 1 Set, RG 30, RM 30

Personal Notes- Cycle strength is coming. I achieved RG in every exercise. Weight increase of 5% next session. I have some slight shoulder fatigue from last week. Stay aware and don’t reinjure myself is at the front of my mind but I am not going to be so cautious that I allow it to prevent me from pushing myself more where I can. Diet is going well. I have been waking late at night or very early in the morning and eating some cottage cheese. Not sure why I am waking but getting a few calories of fat and casein seems like a reasonable way to spend that time. I catch a plane to Kauai in a few days… Dive, dive, and more diving. If you find yourself in Hanalei Bay over the New Year you can find me at Black Pot or Secret Beach in the evenings… Look for the guy with ‘Made in the USA’ tattooed on the back of his neck. :wink:

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Routine Update-

Upper Body A

Barbell Incline Bench Press- 3 Sets, RG 25, RM 25
Lat Pull Downs- RP 3min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 40
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 40
Seated Cable Rows- 3 Sets, RG 35, RM 35
Narrow Grip Pushups- RP 3 min, AMAP
Side Laterals- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40
Skull Crushers- RP 3 min, RG 40, RM 40
Seated Inclined Dumbbell Curls- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40

Arm Pic-

Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle

Crazy vascular.


How’s that trest going?!?!?


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