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First injection of TrestA (MENT) went off without a hitch. I feel slightly flushed today and a blip increase in my BP.

So far the EU oils are crystal clear and draw/inject smooth.

Training week will be Friday-Thursday. The 4 days of training will be Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Fast Day will be Wednesday… Changes are coming as I shed my skin. :wink:

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The Game is On!!


Taking this third rest day to make sure I have everything in place and I am fully prepared to hit it starting tomorrow. I have some food shopping to do today and I need to order some more pins to make it through the entire 16 week cycle.

24 hours post 50mg (1mL)TrestA injection with zero pip. The 200mg (2mL) Primobolan injection site is only slightly sore to the touch. TestC 100mg (.5mL) injection sight zero pip. I combined the TestC and TrestA in a single injection by backloading the syringe.

NOTE- Primobolan Depot PIP can be common for some people because of the heavy molecular weight but in my experience EU Primo is virtually PIP free.

Training Routine Reminder-


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Felt flush part of the day and another blip in my bp. In my previous experiences using MENT I experienced the same thing. I have not seen a libido increase yet but my sex drive is pretty high already. I will stay on top of my estrogen with arimidex .5mg e3d or eod if needed. Oily skin is another side I will be looking out for. I am not acne prone but each time I have used MENT my skin gets pretty oily.

Got pins ordered and freezer/fridge is full. Lets play…


Cycle Update-

EU TrestA (MENT) 50mg/ed
EU TestC 200mg/wk
EU Primoboloan Depot 400mg/wk
Lilly Humatrope Gh 2iu/ed

Diet Update-

Ketogenic (<50g carbs), 3200 calories on training days, 2800 cals on rest days, one 24 hour fast a week on a rest day.

Routine Update-

RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal
RA- Reps Achieved

Lower Body A-

Squats- 4 Sets, RG 35, RA 28
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, RG 30, RA 30
High Box Step-Ups- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, AMAP
Reverse Hack Squats- 4 Sets, RG 40, RA 40
Seated Calf Raises- 3 Sets, RG 40, RA 40
AB Wheel Roll Outs- 3 Sets, RG 75, RA 75
Shrugs- RP 2 minutes, 1 Set, RG 30, RA 30

Personal Notes- I smoked this routine and I will need to push harder next time. I did not achieve my rep goal on a squats. This is good because it tells me I selected a weight that will push me and keep me progressing. I will increase the weight on the exercises that I reached the rep goal by 5% next week when I do ‘Lower Body A’. Body temp seems to be up, well being is strong and muscles are hard. I am feeling capital again to be on cycle.

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@SemperFi what’s your protein ratio? I was always worried about getting too much when I was keto because of what I’ve read on gluconeogenesis. What are your thoughts on this? 1g/kg seems low to me.


@major you can read my breakdown here-

Gluconeogenesis and ketosis is a subject for debate. One of the things that we have to take into consideration that the research studies do not is that we are using performance enhancing hormones and these hormones increase protein synthesis. Whether we are in a strict ketogenic diet or a modified version, like I am in now, as long as we maintain healthy fat intake levels and do not consume an over abundance of protein I believe the issue is a mute point. Once we reach a tipping point of too much protein then we should be concerned about the body converting protein into glucose on a regular basis but I highly doubt that it will be muscle protein because the body will use consumed protein before it would enter a catabolic state and start robbing muscle tissue. In fact, I could argue that it will go back to ketones and fatty acid use before it started robbing muscle tissue.


Routine Update

Upper Body A

Barbell Incline Bench Press- 3 Sets, RG 25, RM 20
Lat Pull Downs- RP 3min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 40
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 30
Seated Cable Rows- 3 Sets, RG 35, RM 30
Narrow Grip Pushups- RP 3 min, AMAP
Side Laterals- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40
Skull Crushers- RP 3 min, RG 40, RM 40
Seated Inclined Dumbbell Curls- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40

Weighted Cardio- 30min, 11-15% incline, 3mph, 65#'s

Diet Update- I am hitting all of my macro goals and slightly over in some instances on fat or protein. I am not stuck on the numbers but rather the results.

Personal Notes- Fell short again on rep goals in a few exercises. I love it. I have to get stronger and keep pushing until I reach each and every rep goal on every exercise and at any weight. I feel the well being and libido increases of the MENT now. Add the fact that I am in ketosis and I have a perfect storm of energy! I need to keep my head down and stay focused. I can’t allow the mundane to distract me from accomplishing even the simplest task. Rest day, massage therapy and food shopping tomorrow. The Peacocks were all about the gym today. This Ol’ Cock showed them all up… Except my buddy the Hawaiian. He is savage and a specimen.

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Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle

That cardio would put me in my grave. How’s the feel on bench?


Bench is fine. Shoulder and clavicle are good. I am using a wide grip and once I reach a weight that I can no longer safely do I will adjust my grip, rep tempo and/or rep goal. There are a few changes I want to incorporate into the routine but I am giving this a solid 4 weeks before doing so,


I have a few hundred calories remaining so I am closing the night off with some cottage cheese and then hit the sheets.


I have a bit of swelling in my wrist this morning. I am going to change my arimidex dosing from .5mg/e3d to .5mg/eod. I will use eod for the next two weeks and then get a blood draw for the TestC and estrogen.

I scheduled a blood donation for Friday. Not because I think I need it but because it has been almost 12 weeks since my previous donation and I like to donate. I have a high demand blood type.


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You can’t go to war without a penguin sidekick. :penguin:


Cycle Update-

Starting December 18 I am reducing the TrestA from 50mg (1mL) ED to 37.5mg (.75mL) ED. I simply overestimated what was needed to support my goals. It’s an early adjustment but based on what I am seeing in the mirror I ain’t going to need the 50mg ED.

Routine Update-

RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal
RM- Reps Made

Lower Body B-

Deadlifts- 4 Sets, RG 30, RM 30
Leg Press- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 35
Leg Curl- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 40
Leg Extensions- 4 Sets, RG 50, RM 50
Standing Calf Raises- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40
Cable Crunches- 4 Sets, RG 75, RM 75
Dumbbell Shrugs, RP 2 min, 1 Set, RG 30, RM 30


Ketongenic 3200 cal (<50g carbs)

Personal Note- I literally shattered this workout. My gym aggression, focus and energy is firing on all cylinders. My heart was beating out of my chest and I am sure my BP was high and to the right. Although my body was gassed I wanted to do more. I will increase weight by 5% on the exercises that I reached the RG. I need to drink more water and add an extra electrolyte packet inter-workout. Upper Body B Tuesday and a rest day on Wednesday.

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Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle

Sounds like things are already heating up!!


In more ways than one @Fitraver. My muscle literally feels like it is busting out of my skin. You know that feeling. The Vaso6X helps me carry that muscle fullness all day and the lack of the water retention in ketosis my vascularity is already freaking my wife out. Even as fat as I am right now! :whale:


Lol I used to know that feeling with carbs!! I don’t get near as good of a pump in the gym with keto, but it’s still good. Just makes me eager to feel how truly amazing it will be back with carbs in eventually. God willing after Friday’s blood test I may be able to go targeted keto.


Routine Update-

RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal
RM- Reps Made

Upper Body B

Barbell Rows- 3 Sets, RG 25, RM 25
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press- RP 3 min, RG 40, RM 32
Military Press- 3 Sets, RG 25, RM 24
Machine Rows- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 40
Low Cable Crossovers- 3 Sets, RG 40, RM 40
Face Pulls- RP 3 minutes, 1 Set, RG 40, RM 38
Cable Tricep Extensions- 3 Sets, RG 35, RM 35
EZ Bar Curls- RP 3 minutes, 2 Sets, RG 60, RM 60

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Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle