Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle- 16 Week Recomp


The incline places the arm behind the body stretching the long head of the bicep and activating more muscle fiber than other forms of curls.


I like doing it with cables too and walking out keeping arm behind. And curly to your armpit kinda.


@Fitraver Try the same cable variation and at contraction raise your elbow until it is parallel with the ground… squeeze! :wink:


Ohhhh like that. Basically like adding in a drag curl and shortening the muscle even more for peak contraction.


Not like a drag. Rotate your elbow in front of your body (lifting it to the sky) until your upper arm is parallel to the ground trying to curl your hand over your shoulder.




Now I get it. I thought you meant elevate it back to Parallel. I’ve def never done your way. I’ll try.


Routine update-
Rest day

Calorie intake - limited to 2800 (20g carbs or less)

Personal note- 100mg EU TestC and 200mg EU Primabolan Depot injections this morning. I am starting to get anxious about feeling the snake bite of the MENT (listen to the soundtrack). I really dig this steroid and getting a bit impatient of wanting to get ‘on’. I will remain patient by sticking to my scheduled plan. Energy and well being are increasing. I am starting to feel bulletproof again.

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Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle

I really enjoy your log I get an addition to my playlist everytime and I also get a great picture of the day that has put a smile on my face everytime also.
The workouts and education that im gathering from it is great.
I just wanted to say that I sincerely appreciate the details and the extras.


Tonights dinner.

I splurged and got some Wagyu Ribeyes. I saved almost half my calories for the day just for this steak! :wink:

112g fat, 72g protein, 0g carbs, 1296 cals per 16 ounce steak.



Dang, that looks hella good. Nice macros too. Keto all day.


If you have never had Wagyu Beef @Stirms put it on your bucket list… I guarantee it is worth the experience at least once in your life for the price. US certified Wagyu is a lot less expensive than what is found in Japan but the quality is on par and better than Kobe or dry aged angus beef.


Very slight pip in my left quad from the 200mg (2mL) EU Primobolan Depot injection from this morning. Nothing out of the ordinary and I can only tell it is sore when I push on the injection site.


Routine Update-

RP= Rest-Pause
AMAP= As Many As Possible
RG- Rep Goal

Lower Body B-

Deadlifts- 4 Sets, RG 30
Leg Press- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40
Leg Curl- RP 3 min, 1 Set, RG 40
Leg Extensions- 4 Sets, RG 50
Standing Calf Raises- 3 Sets, RG 40
Cable Crunches- 4 Sets, RG 25
Dumbbell Shrugs, RP 2 min, 1 Set, RG 30


Ketongenic 3200 cal (<20g carbs)

Personal Note- Still walking through each routine with minimal weight. This is the third training session of four for the week and then the routine repeats itself. RG’s were easy to achieve and I have a good idea where the weight needs to be next time to really push myself. The mild pip from yesterdays EU Primobolan Depot injection in my left quad is gone. Winter blues season is upon me so I have to stay vigilant in taking my D3 and B6 (in the form of a B-Complex) daily. Back in the ketogenic lifestyle and I have shed all my water weight. Not concerned about my scale weight at this point and will not check it until January 1. Tomorrow is ‘Upper Body B’ and then two consecutive rest days. December 12 is my first injection of MENT. The eight weeks first phase of the cycle beginning December 12 will be 200mg/wk TestC, 50mg/ED TrestA, and 400mg/wk Primbolan Depot. Headed to the coast this afternoon to have dinner at one of my favorite Irish Pubs. I may treat myself to a Smithwicks Ale.

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Purity Source Labs Sponsored Cycle

My old logbook is full so I purchased another one for this cycle. I will begin using it next week. $10 on Amazon.


That’s a good looking log book! 10$ ? Might order one tonight. Thanks for sharing


Late night epiphany…

If the odds are more likely than not in my favor, I should make as many decisions as possible within the reality of what is executable.

The above statement is my final cycle mantra.


Starting today, for the next 8 weeks, here is a recap of the steroid portion of the cycle-

8 Weeks-

TestC - 200mg/wk
Primobolan- 400mg/wk
TrestA- 50mg/ed
GH- 2iu/ed

First pin of TrestA is later this morning.

I am in a 24 hour fast and two consecutive rest days… nuff said.

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Great song and your compounds are a great combination. The trest primo and test is a great lineup to start off with.
The trest pinning everyday I was just curious if when you pin every day do you pin like its a pwo about an hour before working out or is it more of an every morning pin possibly even just whenever is convenient?


I pin right after breakfast for convenience.