Progress pics from checkins with coach


Here’s a little update as people have been asking me to post pics. I’m x amount of weeks out lol. Let’s say under 10. I’m bringing a level of conditioning I’ve neber brought along with size so this is fun to see the changes. Coach added more carbs and sat is 600 grams of carbs total for the day spread out through 6 meals.


Lookin solid as hell bro. That girl on the tread was getting a show :joy::joy:


Dedication! Thanks for sharing. Good thoughts your way brother on achieving that card.


Glutes getting grainy but hard to tell by the lighting, striations coming in yet? Looking sick regardless bro.

Also is she on a prep or post show as well? Her delts are looking show ready haha


Nice job! Beast Mode


Don’t think the girl on the tread even turned her head… she must have been dedicated!


@PHD the pictures are amazing… top notch


@GlycogenGuy that is definitely beast mode… :100:


Looking fantastic @PHD wish you all best the best brother


Looking friggin insane brotha this is gonna be a great show for you


I always was a sucker for a nice set of… arms… … yah, arms …:wink: true story


Nice to know lol


Thanks bro


Thanks bro


Yea they are almost striated they will be in about 2 more weeks. The chick on treadmill is not in shape she’s skinny fat looking


Thanks my man


Ah okay! That’s awesome bro. And the power of perspective haha