Products pics of SRHealthTech




Contact for a list


Ding ! Your thanksgiving gifts arrive!:grin:
Big promo for bulk order, welcome to contact me for more details.
[email protected]


bump, your order is on the way!


What would you like to order on Cyber Monday?
Let’s try our gear !!! :grin:


I would like to try some @srhealth-diana gear.
Is there a chance that you can run a promo for domestic shipping?
I would really like to try some of SRHEALTH orals or vials. I would even roidtest your products to show the members the test results. Im sure other members could run blood work on your testosterone also.
Your gear pictures always look so good.
If you have domestic stock maybe we can do a promo so that members can try a vial or two. I would definitely order a couple of vials to try and review. I personally would like to try some and see how your products and services work. I know that you have hgh domestic. Do you have vials and orals domestic shipping?
Contact me pm and if you would like we can set up a promo for SRHEALTH.
I would like to see some reviews of your products and im sure that members would also like to try some SRHEALTH products.


thank you @Bigmurph, I am so happy you like our products pics. The quality is as good as the looking. :grin:
SR mainly do bulk order in our new GMP standard manufacturing line and we are also glad to take care of UGM bros business. We now have a promo for all members : Buy 2 bottles to get 1 bottle for free(only for order at retail price)

The gift can be whatever you want.( only for finished oil and tablets.)
International delivery.
Reship policy check below.


This sounds great


100 vials SU 250 mg ready to ship out for an old customer. :smile:


SR can provide different color top and vials as you wish, which color do you like?
christmas promo is still available this till the end of the month, contact diana,[email protected] :grin:


Christmas promo still available till the end of the month. We have very competitve discount for bulk order, contact me for more details. The BEST time to stock some gear ahead before the delivery jam caused by the New Year. What are you waitting for? :grin: