Pretty new to the life


I’ve been on here for a couple months now, never introduced myself but figured I’d say thanks so far. I came here a couple months ago after learning about it from a buddy and placing a order, and loved the site and decided to make my own account and stay. I have spent a lot of time reading alot of topics! So yeah, thanks to all of you so far! This site has awesome users and admin. @Bigmurph has been a big help to me. Answers any message I send, from how to navigate the site, helping me get my veterans badge, and any question I have asked him. I’ve only ordered from IJL once and another friend, so really looking forward to working with some new folks soon and getting good product! Thanks again guys!

Currently running
2 CC / week Test
1 CC / week Deca


Welcome bro! Great to have you.


Welcome bro!



Welcome from myself and the @PharmaComStore team


Welcome, thanks for finally introducing yourself! :+1:


Welcome to ugm, feel free to reach out anytime.


Welcome to the UGM family brother!


Welcome to the best damn muscle forum on the web :muscle:


Welcome to the board.


Were glad to have you around brother and as you know im always here to help


Welcome brotha!