Post Fight/ Iron Junkie Athlete


First off let me thank all of you for you words of of encouragement leading up to my first lightweight bout yesterday & a special thanks you to @Iron_Junkie_Labs for believing in me! Secondly I’m very proud to say that not only did I do what I said I was going to do and totally dismantle this guy but I made him look like he was coming up to my weight class instead of the other way around. I won’t say his whole name bc he was embarrassed enough last night but I will say he goes by Tony “THE BULL”…my name is not the “Matador” but might as well have been last night bc “The Bull” was tamed! I was hoping for a knockout but didn’t get it. I was able to put him on his ass 3 times, once in the second round, &twice in the 4th. The last time he swung a wild right, missed and hit him so clean with a pull counter right and as he took a step backwards hit him with a classic check left hook as the bell rang to end the 4th round he hit the canvas and was saved by the bell. He went to his corner and wouldn’t get off the stool and didn’t come back out to start the 5th rd. That was all she wrote…he quit and didn’t want no more. I took a few good shots early on and the guy hits like a ton of bricks but like I said before the fight he hasn’t seen speed like mine before. Thanks again fellas for the words of encouragement they were much appreciated! I’ll be taking about 4 weeks off before I start training for the next fight. Then it’s 4-6 weeks of training and “WHO’S NEXT?” Image_517


Don’t know if you can see too well in the picture I tried to enhance it a little so it’s more visible but he did catch me with a good body shot to my left rib cage. A little bruised and sore this morning but other than that I’m still a handsome sob this morning just a little sore but that’s to be expected fighting a guy 3" taller and at least 8 lbs heavier. Hats off to him though! Great fight!:boxing_glove:


brother i am so stoked that you kicked some serious ass, as an IJl athlete I expected nothing less! Keep on going and lets see how far you can reach together brother @N8GainTrain


Very nice work @N8GainTrain. On to the next one.


Absolutely brother thanks you for your support and I couldn’t be prouder to be represented by such a great sponsor and company as @Iron_Junkie_Labs! I will have at least one more bout in the lightweight division but will be starting my cycle of NPP & Sustanon 350 in a couple weeks so I will be moving up to light welterweight for the fight after this next one! Those guys are some true beasts in that division but that’s the kind of competition I look for. In order to be the best you have to beat the best!


@Fitraver Thanks brother much appreciated!


Good work bro! Congrats on the win!


Thanks @TrenGod for the support brother!


I love it makes me miss boxing congratulations brother we need to get you a ugm robe for warm ups.


Hell yes!


Major congrats man!


@fitstudboi thanks bro!


Seriously UGM! Thank you guys so much for y’all’s support and recognition! Much respect to all of you for backing me and congratulating me! I truly feel like y’all are part of my support system in and out of the boxing gym! It means a lot to me that you guys root for me and wish me the best. :muscle:


@Bigmurph thanks for all your advice and I appreciate your support as well brother. I wouldn’t be on this site gaining knowledge nor have the support i have from the awesome fellow members without your warm and inviting welcome. So thanks for everything brother and I hope to continue to learn and remain a part of this community and family for a long time to come! :muscle: And as far as that robe…I might be able to make that happen! :boxing_glove:


Congrats on the win man, keep that momentum.


I want a robe… congrats on the fight man!


Thanks bro! It’s amazing how great I felt not just in the ring but training as well and only been on a cruise dose of @Iron_Junkie_Labs Test Cyp @150mg per week for the last 2 & 1/2 weeks.


Nice, I have tried a number of diff cycles of stuf, and although it’s lean n slower gains, my body seems to respond best to high doses of test, so most of my cycles I just run 750 of sust a week


I also think I was getting under dosed products, so now I will try all the things I was doing before but from the “iron junkie” whom like you I have been using!!


@John let me tell you brother @Iron_Junkie_Labs is where it’s at bro. He handles business and his products get the job done!