Possession vs Trafficking


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The difference between being charged with possession of anabolic/androgenic steroids versus being charged on possession with intent to distribute can mean the difference between simply getting probation compared to going to prison for several years. In the United States criminal justice system, drug traffickers are treated much, much more harshly than drug users, who typically do not face jail time on a first offense. With street narcotics, prosecutors and law enforcement officers can easily discern between trafficking amounts and personal usage amounts. However, steroid users do not follow the purchasing and usage patterns of narcotics users, which combined with the lack of knowledge on anabolic/androgenic steroids of prosecutors and law enforcement, leads to users of steroids being arrested and charged as traffickers of steroids.

Possession of a so-called a large quantity of anabolic steroids allows prosecutors to determine that a possessor was also engaged in trafficking/selling steroids as well. This is a mistake that can (and should) be pointed out by an experienced criminal defense attorney. While a typical cocaine or heroin user might purchase only enough of their drug of choice for a week, the typical steroid user will often purchase several different drugs (testosterone, winstrol, human growth hormone, etc…) in a quantity that could be used over the course of 12-24 weeks. This is not conjecture, and has been conclusively established in peer-reviewed medical journals and via both national and international surveys.

In addition, the amount of steroids required to successfully compete as a bodybuilder in the professional or even amateur ranks might be two to three times the amount used by a non-competitive weightlifter. This means that competitors who use anabolic/androgenic steroids are more likely to be charged with trafficking for their personal usage.

This is why it’s imperative that you have a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with all of the current research on steroid use patterns and dosing strategies.

Also important is the concentration of the steroids themselves, as well as their presentation. It is not inconceivable that one user might purchase 1,000 Dianabol tablets at five milligram potency for use in a single bulking cycle. However, to a law enforcement officer who has prior experience with Ecstasy busts, seeing 1,000 pink pentagon-shaped tablets, or blue hearts, this could look like a big-time dealer’s supply. The reality is that a heavy cycle of Dianabol could have a person taking 10-20 of these tablets each day.

In the case of testosterone and its esters, police officers have busted professional bodybuilders with ten or twenty vials in their possession, and thought they had found a major dealer, not understanding that some bodybuilders can fly through a bottle every week, if not every other day. Most prosecutors and law enforcement officers don’t understand the difference between testosterone cypionate and testosterone propionate; they don’t understand how long 20 ampules (‘amps’) of test prop will last versus 20 amps of test cyp. Again, this is why it is so important to have a criminal defense lawyer who understands the distinctions between the various anabolic/androgenic steroids that are on the market.

You don’t want to be treated like a steroid dealer for your personal stash…but unfortunately that’s just what can happen if you don’t educate yourself and go to court with a criminal defense lawyer who is thouroughly versed in this area and can present the strongest possible case on your behalf.



I think that this is a great post but I just can’t allow a name and number or email address of a certain attorney to be posted unless they want to become a verified sponsor.
Which honestly im 100% open to having a lawyer or lawyers advertise and protect the members of ugmuscle.com and Anabolicdevelopment.com or a y forum honestly.

Have the lawyer contact me at [email protected]
Or send me his email address in pm and I will contact him.

This post is extremely true I know people that are in prison for 3 gr of marijuana because it was in 3 different bags. When that’s just how he bought it. If it was in one bag he might have gotten 6 months probation.

Steroids and other pharmaceutical medications are even worse and @01dragonslayer gave the best example that there is and there id actually case law on this topic about dbol tabs and other tabs mg size and the law says that it doesn’t matter because what they do when you get caught they don’t count each tab and then look up the mg amount they just throw the bag on a scale with the bottle the tabs were in plus a ziploc bag then a heavy ass evidence bag and whatever that weight amount comes out to that’s what they charge you with.
You could have 20 10mg tabs in a big thousand jug bottle and then once they add there bags and get it on the scale you could be charged with procession of more than someone who had 40 10mg tabs in a small little dope bag because the end weight would be less.
The way that they do this is crazy and forget about it if its federal court I can’t even get into all the issues you are going to have.

The best thing is this don’t say anything except my identification is in my wallet and I would like a lawyer because im scared and I don’t understand what is going on.
Then just look at the ground you will have one cop or whatever come and tell you that he is your only hope no one else can help you. Well he can’t help you because your trial is held in a court of law not on the sidewalk somewhere. Then another will come up and be really mean call you stupid tell you that he is the law and you need to tell him what he needs to know.
Repeat again I need my lawyer im scared and I don’t understand what is happening.

He will reply that your lawyer can’t help you only I can and once you decide to go with your lawyer there is nothing he can do to help.
When in all honesty there never was anything he can do to help.
Only in a court of law can anything happen between your lawyer and the state or federal prosecutor. An officer can’t just tell a judge or a prosecutor to do anything its against the law this is not the movies its real life and just get ready to do some time or bond out you will survive.


I understand BigM. I apologize for any problems that may have resulted or rules that I may have stepped over.

I found this on another board and asked for permission to post it here and a few other boards because I believe that the info is great and essential.


No problem brother it might get posted up here I just wanted to check it out first and speak with him personally


Most people don’t realize this but in the county that attorneys practice you can see how many cases they have won, lost or pleaded too. This is the best thing for people to do to see how good their attorney is. @PHD and I knew a guy that had to hire Rick Collins who literally wrote the book on steroids and case laws. He honestly didn’t pay that much and if I remember correctly everything turned out ok.


Yup zero charges bro. You can actually find rick on Facebook and contact him there. He says save his number if you ever get into any kind of trouble


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Who know MuscleHead (onyx pharmaceuticals)…his attorney was Rick Collins
his case cost him 55k he have 10 years in fed prison. in web is link to whole details how fed working on him…


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