Please take a moment and read this!


First and foremost how is everyone doing?

I wanted to take a moment out here and speak to the community… by now everyone should be well aware that I’m a representative for a particular company… I do not want to name the company because this is in the general discussion area and my reason for this thread will explain more…

It’s hard for us representatives to mingle and socialize with the population without having the stigma or the suspicions of an interior motive…

With this said, any activities or conversations that I may engage with outside of our private subform I’m humbly requested that everyone treats me and looks at me as just a fellow Peer… do not ask me any Source related questions, or any questions regarding the company that I supervise… however cycle advice, the mechanisms of action with specific compounds and so on I will be more than honored to share whatever I know.

I look forward to sharing and also learning at the same time being a contributing productive member within this community… what happens in my subform is entirely different and that is business, but out here I’m just one of you’s…

My closing statement, please take into great consideration that I have good intentions and I’m super excited to be here and I look forward to contributing as much as I possibly can while being a productive and positive member within this community…

Sending good vibes to all of you, have an amazing evening and a super morning!


Sounds good bro glad to have you here :wink:


This is an excellent mission statement. It gives me confidence and reassurance that I have made a good decision. Thank you.


I’ll always see sources as sources and members as members.
Doesn’t mean you cant be a rep for a great source, but…
Personally I think all reps should have the source they rep for tagged to the user name.
Better transparency and will help avoid conflicts of interest.