Pinning sites and protocal


hey brothers and sisters. ,
im in this i think 6 years. , shit i remember my first pin. i was getting those 16 gage 5cc horse needles from agway. lol. but. i currently got 8 sites.,delts , glutes , and quads. …this run im finially going to pin pecs. …i been putting it off but its one of the most eaisest muscle to hit. …
see i only run shorts ,i even cruise on shorts…
so i need many. … how many sites you have and where ???


I have 8 sites in rotation. Delts, glutes, vetroglutes and quads. I’m using 25g 1 inch.


i use 25 g 1" also. , i draw with a 20. ,


Do you ever pin ventroglutes?


all the time that and glute. give me 4. , i can pin outter quads np. …and my delts are huge. i pin 2ml. in each. easily.


I have two areas in each quad, but the left quad is weird, the needle moves to an almost parallel orientation. I hit the VL, and rectus femoris. For glutes, i hit VG, and a couple spots in the GM. I have a hard time hitting delts; pecs get in the way. I can kind of hit the anterior delt. Pecs i do only on an as needed basis. Its just freaky. Ive done it a few times just to do it. Its breezy but weird.


I usually only go with glutes, quads, and delts. But I can do chest, bis, tris, and calves if I’m running short esters or preworkouts. Though I’ll stick to my long esters. :slight_smile:


I can never seem to pin VG correctly…
I always get unbearable pip
I think i just pin the wrong place haha
I rotate quads, glutes, shoulders

Never done chest, lats, traps, calves, bis tris
Im a big poon


I like rear delts too and lars during prep just to give other areas a rest


Do you remember when you had to walk me through pinning my quads??? You are appreciated!!!:two_hearts:


I’ll never pin quads again after I had my whole leg go numb from my upper thigh to knee for months. From a small ass injection with a skin pin. Never felt any pain or a twitch, nothing! Just boom few hours later all numb. Thought it was like that for life. Had almost forgot about then bam one day I was like “oh I can feel my leg again” lolol fuck that. Was some scary shit.


yup quads easy.


that’s fuckin weird


you had to hit a nerve i never got that


I draw with 18g pin with 23g 1” delts or quads


personally i like the 20 g to draw it does tha same job. less damage on stopper , and i also pin wirh a 1" 25. everywhere.


sorry i also cannot stress enough , no matter how little it seems i swab the bottle (alchol)the injection site. and change a 25. …so foar about 4 or t years no issues. thank the gods.


You use to pin with a 16ga… dam, makes me cringe just hearing it


I also wipe top a bottle every time, and use a 25ga to pin


i draw with the 18 gauge and pin with 23 1 inch…just quads alternare…clean top of bottle some times but not always…i should always though.