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Hello Sir,

They are not for sale yet…We only had a limited amount which were handed to our sponsored athletes .

thank you


Pharmacom Super Stealth Shipping !!!


Is this meant to be a joke? Assuming so, just can’t read shit in it.


It’s gotta be the banannas we’re split and is the order gonna get there before the fruit is rotten especially since it’s already cut


@John yeah it def is. If it wasn’t I’d have removed it.


Do u ship domestic and what’s the wait time?


I think I can see the point there tryin to make though…


They do ship domestic but they are not a domestic company


@John are you sure about that? I don’t think they are unless that is a brand new option.


I guess I’m not sure then. I’m not sure about that word either ha ha


I see that they have a100 percent rate shipping to USA so I assume their not domestic


@john I edited lol

@Weedwars I’m 99% sure they are not domestic.


I looked at it again I was like where the hell did that word go am I going crazy


That video is a parody made by some of our customers,we will have more of this funny videos posted from time to time .

We don’t ship domestic .

Thank you


I’m confused, I thought you domestic means the US? You guys have a 100% success shipping to USA? So what does domestic mean, you don’t ship where the company is located???


@John domestic means ships from US, they are an international source who ships to US.


Ohhh ok got it, thanks brother


Thank you for the clarification.


Let’s get a little more serious this time …


I have a few order from Pharmacom comin’ my way. Heard nothin’ but good stuff about their gear so I’m definitely anxious to started.