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Welcome to the neighborhood!


I just bought some to for my prep . Probably use 200mg eod for 8 weeks.


You’re going to love it i see now why primo is so coveted
I have made crazy progress over the last 6wks using it
My next pic everyone will be amazed at the changes
I have abs and im ripped after another 14wk im also going to up my dose back to 800mgs I’ve been running 600mgs because of all the pinning I cut back but I found if I just pin a ml at a time I can rotate much easier than putting 2ml in each of my inj points.
I honestly can’t believe how much I’ve come along in the past 6wks its amazing.
I might not ever use anything but primo and var and of course some test going into the future


How long have you been running the primo?


Plus you got your diet on point so it can really make the primo shine


The diet is definitely helping. Its been 6wks now and its amazing the changes I weighed in at 198 this morning but look bigger than when I was 204. Im just shredded my waist is smaller than my upper body. Im really coming together nice


6wk at 600mgs going to go back to 800mgs


Can’t wait to see new progress pics !


Welcome aboard. Your gear is top notch . The inject anadrol shows pharmacon is heads above . Everyone else fucks up inject anadrol. I have used yours and it’s like Dan Duchaine says 3 times stronger than tabs


Thank you all!

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My pcom pac landed today
2 x 200mgs primo e
100x var tabs

Im excited to try pcom have wanted to try pcom for to long and the shipping was really smooth either im really lucky or alot of people hate on pcom for no reason.

Thanks pcom much appreciate on the easy order and delivery pics to come in a week or so


Thank you too Sir for your trust, looking forward for your results!


Pharmacom is nice that a fact test and tren a when crazy


Stealth was extremely professional if you’re worried about ordering international request stealth and use pcom.

Thats 2x 200mgs/ml primobolan
100x 10mg Oxyandrolone (var)


Thanks again pcom +++++++++++


Let me know how you like it brother


You know i will I’ve been waiting to try the var the primo also my wish has come true


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What??? No way I’ll have to check prices out


Thank you for sharing Sir, looking forward for your results! :wink: