PharmaComStore Dragon Pharma DHB and Superdrol Log by Northface384


First I want the say thank you to @Fitraver and @PharmaComStore for allowing me to log their Dragon Pharma DHB. And thanks to everyone here @ugmuscle for such a warm welcome. I’m still very new to this forum, but active on many others. So a little back ground, I’m 33 years old and started running gear prob 10 years ago. I made the commitment to just blast and cruise around 26. I know that is a young age to make that commitment, but in my opinion cycling can puts my body through a lot more stress. I’ve been competing in powerlifter for several years now, but I have not completed in the past 2 years. I’m thinking about a meet in May next year. My best lifts in a meet competing at 220 Multiply are 710 squat 475 Bench and 630 Deadlift. The goal for this blast is the same as most, strength and size. I like to walk around at 230 and cut fluid and compete at 220. I’m currently 219. I’m going to be logging DP DHB and DP superdrol from Pharmacom with my prescribed test c. Cycle will look something like
Test C 360mg (Doc prescribes me a high dose)
DHB 400mg but May increase to 500mg
Superdrol 10-30mg ed (depends on my appetite)
Aromasin 6.25mg e3d or eod
Pinning schedule will be eod. I will be pinning 100mg of DHB to assess the pip. I can’t wait to get started. I’ll start updating as soon as my order arrives.

Pharmacom DP DHB and DP Superdrol log

I might pick up some dp dhb myself im really curious about what you think about the DP dhb.
If you say that it pins smoothly and doesn’t crash im going to run it around 600mg for around 12-16wks.


I haven’t heard of too many labs having DHB crash at 100mg. I believe DP had a 200mg a few years back that was alway crashing. I only ran one other labs DHB that turned out to be legit and I loved it. The last 2 times I ran tren the sides are too bad for me. I get really bad acid reflux, no appetite, and one time before competing at GPC Worlds I had the hiccups for 2 weeks straight. It was fucking terrible! DHB is no tren, but probably the closest without the sides.


That’s what I keep hearing about dhb. That its like trens little brother.
I almost ordered the dp dhb back when they had it I believe that the geneza and the dp were both dosed at 150mg/ml or 200mg/ml.
Either way both wouldn’t hold I remember seeing multiple pictures of ice chunks in the vials. Both brands stopped production. I was never able to order so I was never able to use it. I did finally get to use mhn which is supposed to work in a similar way. If its true im going to love dhb. I was really happy when I heard that dragon pharma was bringing it back. I really like dragon pharma products ive used there test c, proviron which was amazing, aromasin which I always use pharma grade but took a leap of faith and it was perfect aromasin.
I will be watching closely because if I see that dragon has released it and it doesn’t crash and is legitimate im grabbing probably 10-15 vials so that I will have enough for 2 cycles and I will run it with testosterone e 500mg,dhb 400mg, primo 400mg proviron 50mg mhn 30mg.
I believe that this cycle will get me shredded with the right diet and training.
How many mg are you going to run?


I’m going to start with 400mg week and slowly increase depending on pip. From my experience with another lab, with DHB the hardest part can be the lingering knots or pip that will not start until 2 days after I pin and might stay for several days after. So I start running out of fresh places to pin. How do you like MHN? That’s a product you don’t here to much about these day. I guy at my gym swears by MHN, but I’ve never used it


Thank you @northface384 for this log!! This is going to be an awesome one to follow. That stack is going to have you smashing some PRs ;).

Big lifts by the way!!

Could you do me a favor and link this to the @PharmaComStore category as well? Thanks bro.


I just did @Fitraver and With this Cyber Monday sale going on I might have to grab a few more DHB.


It’s one hell of a deal!! Extended out another day just for you :wink:


I just saw your question about MHN.
Its a complicated but amazing oral. I say complicated because I couldn’t figure out why I was getting gyno on a compound that didn’t aromatase. Once I figured out that it was my progesterone levels and started caber it cleared up quickly. I was only able to use it for 4wks. In that time I had 2 people ask me what I was taking who normally would have never said anything to me. I asked them both why they thought I was taking something and both had the same reply I can tell just by looking at you.
I was surprised but I could tell that I had become dense and cut. This was apparently enough that people who saw me every day could tell within 2wk that I was using something.
Its a lean mass building oral that works fast but it’s not friendly to the body so 6wks is where you want to stop. I believe that it would be a great addition to a primo,dhb,tren,npp,boldenone based cycles. If you’re big bulking maybe it could be a finisher. If you’re running a cut or lean mass gains it’s a good kicker.
I would say start low 20mg split ed than up the dose until you are comfortable.
30mg is great split 40mg is probably pushing it lol


Thanks for the info brother. I definitely want to try that one in a future blast. Geneza is one of the only brands I know that carry it


I believe that they are now the only brand producing it.
I could be wrong


I believe you are right


So I just got my tracking for my order and can’t wait to get started. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


And you’re scared of tren? Bro you make me laugh.


Now let’s pray to the holiday gear gods lol




Looking forward to following your log @northface384


Bigmurph… He is scared of tren but chews MHN like candy.


Remember tren would cause my hypertension to explode.
I finally admitted this publicly to PHD I don’t know if you caught that conversation.
I will never be able to run dbol tren eq adrol and a couple of others because of it.
The dhb primo and mhn won’t effect my bp atleast from what members have said about the dhb not affecting their bp. I will personally find out soon. Hopefully lol