Pct protocol


A normal conventional pct protocol is a combination of Clomiphene citrate and Tamoxifen Citrate
Or clomid and Nolvadex.
If you run a long ester cycle with enanthate or cypionate you would start 2wks after your last injection. If you were running a longer ester such as an undecanoate or a deconate you might want to wait 3wks. If you’re running short esters like prop phenylpropionate or others usually 3-5 days later is the time you would start your pct depending on the ester and its half life.
If you have used hcg then you have a head start but either way you will need a minimum of 42 Clomiphene 50mgs and 42 Nolvadex 20mgs.
Some use more depending on the cycle and how hard your system is shutdown.
The dosing schedule should look like this
Wk1 clomiphene 100mgs/Nolvadex 40mgs
Wk2 100/40
Wk3 50/20
Wk4 50/20

This protocol will bring back 90% of aas users from there cycle. I reccomend blood work to show everything is back to normal. If its still off you can try some hcg and another round of Clomiphene at 50mgs for 4wks.
If there are serious problems with your blood work i reccomend going to your doctor and having him bring your levels back.

You also have to remember that your pct is probably the most important part of your cycle besides your diet. I reccomend always using pharma grade products for your pct or a reputable lab. Never trust your pct to a research chemical company.