Passion, motivation and desire


I opened a topic on another forum: what is your best sport accomplishment? One of the answers was:
I was a good athlete in high school, i went to college and i was just one more among many others.
It takes personal Passion and desire to persevere in life…for some people there is always room for improvement , they always wanna do more, they always wanna go to higher places, they always wanna test themselves, ready for challenges; it seems for a few people fear is a motivation, failure is just a step closer to success; such individuals are called leaders, they become a good example of life, conduct and behavior.
To all the parents, to all the athletes, to you all brothers and sisters…do not let anybody see you defeated, do not let anybody hear you talking of what you CAN’T do; Today let your desire , your passion , your attitude be a great deal of motivation and excitement to others, specially your family. Today will be an amazing day!!!
Father in the name of Jesus I pray for all my brothers and sisters here, i pray for happiness and joy, i pray for success and accomplishments, I pray for prosperity, health and unity…in Jesus name.
God bless you all.


Good job brother, you are a highly motivated person!! I got thrown out of a lot high school football games, coach said I had a bad attitude, h ha he was correct, who doesn’t like to hit hard, (occasionally illegal) oh well don’t play football then, so my crowning achievement


In my book you’re awesome


Being defeated is just a state of mind. You are really only defeated when you accept it and assume that mindset. Do not allow your mind to be defeated. Allow it to fuel your perseverance so you learn and accomplish next time.