Paramexer Sponsored Athlete pack lands successfully


My second pack from my sponsor @paramexer landed safe and sound yesterday (Wednesday) after being shipped on Monday!

This will be my next blast/cycle:
NPP 150 (20ml)
EQ 200 (20ml) ×2
Test P 100 (20ml)
(Already have Sustanon 250 on hand)

Dbol 20mg (×100)

GW 501516 10mg (×50)
LGD 4033 10mg

Cialis 20mg

I’m going to be running
Cardarine and LGD for at least a week maybe 2 by themselves with my Sustanon at 250mg a week just to get a feel for them and see what kind of benefits and results I can see from them alone in my training before starting the AAS
Which I will be running as follows:

NPP: 75mg (ed)
EQ: 75mg (ed)
SUST: 125mg (eod)
TEST P: 100mg (eod)
DBOL: 40mg (ed) 4wks

Really looking forward to seeing the results throughout these next 2-3 months. I have extremely high confidence in @paramexer and his products. He is one solid ass dude and we’ve built a pretty good relationship in these first few weeks. I’m looking forward to continuing to build our relationship as I move forward with my career and I’m proud to be a part of Team Paramexer and have someone of his caliber and reputation in my corner and backing me!



Looks good buddy


Looking really good @paramexer I need to order some gear from you to test and try


Mmmm looks like I need to make an order soon!! Love his gear


Can’t go wrong. Has treated me extremely well but more importantly, I feel his products have increased in quality. Careful though you’ll be a middleweight soon.


That’s sort of the plan @rnmuscle is to get my walk around weight up to about the size of a Super Welterweight (154) to Middle Weight (160) and then cut weight the last couple weeks of camp down to 147, rehydrate after the weigh in and come into the ring a monster on fight night.


Like bbing but we wear shorter trunks and normally don’t get punched. Good plan.




I’m 24 days into using @paramexer LGD 4033 (Ligandrol) and GW 501516 (Cardarine). Also started Dbol 20mg (am)/20mg (pm) same day.

My strength in the gym has went up considerbly. First 4 days didn’t notice much then on day 5 , I had what felt like a huge surge in over all strength and power.

Endurance seems to be steadily increasing as well at the beginning of the second week were the first days I noticed I have been able to complete my workout & strength training in just under an hour which normally takes me about an hour and 15 minutes and I’ve left the gym feeling like I still had plenty of gas left in the tank.

Also something I mentioned to @paramexer that I don’t know if it’s relative to the Cardarine or the Dbol, my mood seems to be even better than usual. I’m already a fairly positive guy but I seem to be even more upbeat, and my positive mood and attitude is staying more consistent throughout the day.

I’ve heard that both of these can increase your overall sense of well being, but I’ve ran Dbol from 2 other sources and never had that effect from their Dbol.

I was up 1.6 lbs from day 1 to day 5 and another 1.8 from day 5 to day 7 for a total of 3.4lbs for the first week. I then came down with a cold that I got from my son and wife who were both sick with a cold at the same time, and lost 2 1/2 lbs but have since put it back on rather quickly after getting well and getting my appetite back.

I began the NPP the Monday after starting and front loading the EQ for 4 days beginning the Friday before and the day after starting the orals. So I’m now 3 weeks into my cycle of NPP, EQ, and Sust. And have put on a total of 5 lbs overall.

I can say I’m extremely impressed with what I’m seeing and how I’m feeling so early on in this first cycle using Paramexer. I haven’t made gains this rapidly since my very first cycle. Also want to add I’m on a daily pinning schedule and I’ve yet to have any pip, soreness or knots that I had grown accustomed to in previous cycles with the other source that we’re all familiar with.
I will try to post weekly updates as I move forward and progress though the next couple months, as well as when I get back into training camp in a week or two. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss and find out who my next opponent will be and go over possible fight dates.