Paramexer Sponsored Athlete pack lands successfully


My second pack from my sponsor @paramexer landed safe and sound yesterday (Wednesday) after being shipped on Monday!

This will be my next blast/cycle:
NPP 150 (20ml)
EQ 200 (20ml) ×2
Test P 100 (20ml)
(Already have Sustanon 250 on hand)

Dbol 20mg (×100)

GW 501516 10mg (×50)
LGD 4033 10mg

Cialis 20mg

I’m going to be running
Cardarine and LGD for at least a week maybe 2 by themselves with my Sustanon at 250mg a week just to get a feel for them and see what kind of benefits and results I can see from them alone in my training before starting the AAS
Which I will be running as follows:

NPP: 75mg (ed)
EQ: 75mg (ed)
SUST: 125mg (eod)
TEST P: 100mg (eod)
DBOL: 40mg (ed) 4wks

Really looking forward to seeing the results throughout these next 2-3 months. I have extremely high confidence in @paramexer and his products. He is one solid ass dude and we’ve built a pretty good relationship in these first few weeks. I’m looking forward to continuing to build our relationship as I move forward with my career and I’m proud to be a part of Team Paramexer and have someone of his caliber and reputation in my corner and backing me!



Looks good buddy


Looking really good @paramexer I need to order some gear from you to test and try


Mmmm looks like I need to make an order soon!! Love his gear


Can’t go wrong. Has treated me extremely well but more importantly, I feel his products have increased in quality. Careful though you’ll be a middleweight soon.


That’s sort of the plan @rnmuscle is to get my walk around weight up to about the size of a Super Welterweight (154) to Middle Weight (160) and then cut weight the last couple weeks of camp down to 147, rehydrate after the weigh in and come into the ring a monster on fight night.


Like bbing but we wear shorter trunks and normally don’t get punched. Good plan.