OmniLabs Suspended From UGM. DO NOT ORDER


@Omni is currently suspended from UGM for outstanding orders to members. He has failed to respond to messages. @UGMain

@Bigmurph @TrenGod @Fitraver


thanks for the information


This couldn’t possibly make me sadder


Yeah bro. Its something completely unexpected in behavior from Omni. But this has been going on for weeks now and I was personally check on it and told on 2 occassions he had it and would mail it to the guy. Omni apologized both times for the delays. Now MIA on it.

Unfortunately the member is going for his procard and needed the order. He lost alot in Alex deal since he didnt see when we banned him and ordered from him after and now strapped with the prep and pressures of it all going on.


I almost did the same with Alex, before SBL Omni was all I knew and he was always great to me, he brought me to this forum…what a shame…my heart goes out to the competitor


Yeah when people compete to that level they put a lot into it. Mentally, physically and monetarily.

We have a couple pros that are members and will read and order but never post. PHD is friends with Brandon Curry and when he talked to him he said its just so much negative shit they’ve dealt with on other boards that don’t want to be as active anywhere now. Obviously we wouldn’t put up with that shit here but with pros sponsorships and what they go thru, most will remain quiet online.

The ones that are pushing for pro cards dont want the extra pressure of what theyve commented on regarding their cycles to follow them offline.


Crazy, never order from the guy, but I wonder what would make someone burn the community when they had a solid reputation?


Sometimes sources get in a bind. Ive seen it thruout the years. Packs seized, partners/employees leave. But thru it all they need to be honest with their clients and uphold their word. We know its not a perfect game and they have alot to deal with. Honesty and communication is a key tho.


Thats sucks for everyone involved! I feel for the dude going for his pro card! Competition is very tough as it is then having to add that shit on top is just terrible. But like TrenGod said they have to be upfront and honest with their people no matter what the circumstances are.


I guarantee you those competitors will be helped…they will be pro this year!!!


I was trying for 2 weeks to get a hold of omni , and it was cryptic responses but I couldn’t get the email that I misplaced awhile back when he went to only former customers or whatever. Maybe got nailed. But , if it makes anyone feel better ( it won’t) just got my 5th letter and with 2 straight up fuck you’s that makes 7 from 2015. And I’m not a promo whore or " can I get 1 prop, please and make it snappy!" I order and I’m actually pro minimums but now again…I have to quit training and send all my things to Botswana…dann it.


Thanks for keeping us updated.


This is why I like UGM. As long as I’ve been a member, y’all have been on top of things…well appreciated!


Truly happy with my experience here on UGM! You guys def on top of things! Fortunate that I found you all! It has been the best community dedicated to this life style thus far! Thanks for all the hard work @TrenGod @Fitraver @Bigmurph


I and all the staff really appreciate that. We all really do work really hard to keep top notch


Botswana is going to have the next bb champion soon sponsored by @rnmuscle




If everyone would just be cool , like the great office of homeland security, definitely gonna be a huge agent competing out of there🔥Gosh, golly gee, no one should get screwed over but when you have a show coming up its worse.


That really sucks I hate losing gear to the alphabet boys.


Lol I love that. My penpals.