Offseason quad growth


Offseason doesn’t mean time to get fat. Stay fairly lean and slowly add on the weight. This takes dedication and hard work on your end. Meaning follow your plan do your cardio and fucking kill the weights @john no drooling or gay remarks lol



Damn brotha! Now that’s a set of wheels you got there my friend!


Thanks bro doing meadows carnage 12 week plan see if I can add more size to them and my back


I remembered you mentioned that before, that’s a routine to build up legs correct?


Good lord bro


Gnarly looking my dude


Yes sir that’s the one


Obviously your legs are good, do you think hamstrings should be the FOCUS. Your sweep was actually much better than your pics show…looks like you have implants around the knee offseason!


I do a ham focus optional day so I hit them also.


Damn broski that’s awesome! What’s the measurement on those rims


He’s definitely quad dominant but I saw him in person on stage and photos don’t do justice man. That being said we can always improve! @PHD


Never satisfied… Nice work @PHD


Dem wheels bro!


How about a little jealousy lol
Look great


Looking great bro! Cant wait till the next comp!


Not sure never measured them but wearing pants is a pain in the ass lol


Hahahahaha thanks bro you should have came up and said hey.


Thanks bro. I can’t wait for next year to see why we can do


Barbell Jean’s are the only company I can wear comfortable. 34 inch waist Jean’s dont fit my thick ass quads . Looking full and hard like seth feroces little dick! Lol


Hahahahaha that’s funny. I usually wear buckle jeans they fit best