Not sure if anyone heard


Known domestic source busted

I wish more sources got rid of personal information or did a better job keeping it secure…


What’s really concerning here is how much documentation that the source kept on clients. Never use your real info. Try not to use your own address.

Here’s what gets me even about encrypted email. Say that source is busted. Well he gives police his login info in a deal. Or he just has poor opsec and his password is saved in browser. Then everything they wrote to all clients is unencrypted. Police have everything.

I can be a pain in the ass when it comes to contacting as some sources know. But it’s for everyone’s protection.


And thats what I love about how this site is ran. I was always told to use a real name but not after reading this… I also know they dont have the resources to go after everyone and they want the dealer not the user, but you never know!


It costs the police nothing to call up a local drug task force and tell them they have a possible local dealer associated with a current case and their name and address and forward everything over.

For guys with alot to lose this is important.


To an extent, but they have to have more proof than a few order receipts for several bottles to actually get a warrant


Uhh who doesn’t have a lot to lose brother??


They have reasonable suspicion at that point to investigate more. Especially if they have the tracking numbers of the packages they can confirm were delivered.


Yes they can confirm but they have to be able to brove beyond a resonable doubt that you have possession of the item’s at that time. All I am saying is I dont think they can just start comint after folks for the orders but you are right they can open up investigations and start doing trash can pulls etc.


Yeah they won’t arrest them. But it’s as easy as filling an affidavit and delivering it to the post office that delivers in the area that they reasonable suspicion to believe packages containing narcotics are being delivered to the address and to notify them. That gets forwarded to inspectors who can get the warrant easily enough. They just pass the buck along and wait.

Your local task forces are the ones to worry about when these things happen. That’s why usually you see them involved in local busts. They have to produce X amount of cases and use asset forfeiture laws to full extent. If a local task force contacts postal inspectors they won’t be denied help on a case. You get some gun ho wannabe bad ass on you then he has what he needs to go further. If you have any priors it just looks 10 times worse.

Postal service publishes a law enforcement handbook regularly that covers their services.


You are correct, also postal inspectors and the postal law enforcement officers they employ can open any mail the post master deems “suspicious” without a warrant. Also, these drug task forces also have tons of case load that range from small petty shit to big time dealers, hopefully most everyone that id only buying personal shit will be safe. But like you said, if you get some new boot wanna be bad ass on your tail and he wants to make a name for himself you are up shit creek. I hope everyone stays safe !!!




All I can add to this is that when you go to court after they arrest you with no evidence or proof. You carry the burden to prove your innocence. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you’re innocent until proven guilty because its the exact opposite. You are guilty until you can prove your innocence.
That costs money and a public pretender is going to do nothing but tell you to plead no contest so they can get rid of you because there case load is probably 3x the amount that they can handle.
So I hope that anyone who gets arrested has 10grand sitting around for there defense. If its a federal case just kiss your ass goodbye because the feds have unlimited money and resources.
Stay safe brothers


wish they would say how they got caught … im trying to learn from others mistakes


I sure hope all srcs here are getting rid of ALL personal info after the transaction is done


Actually I try to research them when I can. Find out the state and if it’s a federal crime or local. Then look for the local government records and look to the indictments. These are usually public and will tell you how and what evidence was used. Names of all involved etc. Sometimes googling the name, crime and indictment shows the pdfs to download.


i just cleared my email and shaved off my own fingerprints


If you want to take it that far…

You can take a drug to remove your fingerprints.


Holy shit lol


Omg! This has seriously opened my eyes wide! We all gotta be super safe and use our heads! We all have everything to lose as our freedom is most important to ourselves but also the ones who depend on us! I am gonna change many things in my own life to be safer! Thank you @swoldier @TrenGod @Bigmurph for doing all you do to keep us protected


like rich piana used to say … whatever it takes god damn it!!