Next Fight Update


I found out who my opponent will be for my next fight yesterday. He’s a 142 lb southpaw who’s going to meet me at a catch weight. 3 weeks out from Saturday. Thankfully for me he doesn’t know I love fighting southpaws. He’s a very crafty fighter who uses a lot of different angles but I look forward to taking that away from him bc one of my strengths is cutting off the ring! Time for the excitement to build and time to get locked in and focused! I’ll keep y’all posted UGM! Thanks as always for your support fellas! @Iron_Junkie_Labs @Bigmurph :1st_place_medal::boxing_glove::boxing_glove:




Take him out brother you got this. I will be waiting for the post to tell us that you won.
I always had a hard time fighting someone with extra reach or a dominant left hand.


Good luck bro. You got this.


The thing about southpaws is that dominant hand can get them in trouble if you have an effective pull counter (which is something I do very well) when they try to shoot their load with that left hand and miss they leave themselves wide open for a big shot with my right hand to the head and follow it with a body shot to right side of his body. Like I said he’s crafty tho so it should be a good one… looking forward to it!:boxing_glove::fire:


Thanks @Fitraver, @Bigmurph & @John


You got this brother!!! Keep us posted!


Will do @calmb4dastorm and thanks for your support as well!


You ae welcome😉 support is what we do!!!


Bring the beast out brothe! I have bo doubt you’ll wipe the floor with him like you do everyone else :joy:


That’s great bro, you got this. How’s the lean bulk coming along with the Npp?


Thanks IJL! You know I’m locked in and gonna bring the smoke!


Appreciate the support @Islandswole it’s coming along nicely. Hit 135.6 a few days ago which put me up nearly 6 lbs but I’m having a difficult time holding it as I’ve dipped back down to 133.8. My workouts in the boxing gym have been very high intensity as I’m working a lot on stamina. My trainer has me going (4) 8 minute rounds on the heavy bag and aqua bag and 30 minutes on pad and mitt work split in 15 minute straight sessions with a short break in between. He’s doing this so I am used to carrying the extra weight in the later rounds. One thing I always make sure of with the help of my trainer is that I don’t gas out in the fight. I spoke with @Iron_Junkie_Labs yesterday and we discussed possibly adding some Anadrol in for a few weeks.


I’m feeling and looking great. @Iron_Junkie_Labs NPP & SUSTANON 350 has me lean and rock solid. I’m ready to lace em’ up and fight today…so I imagine dude is in for some trouble on April 21st! :100::fire::boxing_glove:


Looking real lean brother, and the delts! :ok_hand: :muscle: