Newbie cycle for trial run


What’s up everyone. Neme here. I’m new to message boards and all but I’m liking the community here. I’m 35, 5’10", 135lbs bf roughly 10%. Been hitting the gym, eating right for several years with not a lot of growth. Genes mostly. Looking to try some new things to hopefully get an edge at the gym. I’ve been doing some research and my first thought was to start simple and light like Var 50mg-80mg Daily, 8-12 weeks followed by a solid PCT. Not looking for any crazy gains, just some strength and definition. Advice?
Thanks in advance! #steroid-cycles #general


Hey brother, first cycle best practice start out with running test only cycle followed by some PCT, see how that one goes and maybe do test and var cycle next one. Just my two cents, but others will have some great recommendations as well. - UNITED

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If you go with a oral only cycle and do not use exogenous testosterone you will be making a mistake in my opinion. Steroids shutdown your natural testosterone production and we need the exogenous testosterone to replace or provide above natural levels what our bodies are no longer producing on cycle.

My advice is to use testosterone only your very first cycle. Dosage is debatable but 500mg/wk for 10-12 weeks is a responsible first cycle.

PCT is critical to natural production and fertility recovery. Diet and proper training will be the determining factor in what you achieve. The steroids are only complimentary. They are not magic. If your method is solid and your commitment level is ‘all in’ then in time you will may see some very good progress.


@Neme I am not being negative. Simply brutally honest. If your above statement is truthful than you are doing something wrong. Either your method is flawed or there is a consistency issue. If you are using a proper method consistently for a long enough period of time you should be seeing progress natty even with genetic limitations.

Just throwing something out there for you to consider.


Hi Neme, how are you; There is no chemical help that will ever compere to the daily discipline of eating right and training hard…am assuming you got that down and simply want more. For very very long time all i did was 500 mg of test a week (couldn’t afford nothing else), i had fantastic results, i even made it to stage with that; i believe is a better option than the var, certainly you will keep more when you get off.
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Welcome to the board. For a first go I always like to suggest a Test E or Cyp only cycle to see how your body responds.


Now I have a question, most guys will say for a first cycle or even a second one, a test only, and I agree, but when they say it, it’s usually E or C, why not sust as a first cycle??


And I’m aiming that question at @SemperFi and @01dragonslayer


Also i realize that test is test just diff esters. Semper fi.


Sust is just a little more difficult to control stable levels due to the timing of all the esters. Usually you’ll do more pins at first before switching to 2x a week. I’d say little harder to control e2 as well.

Really it wouldn’t be a big issue if that’s what they had, but just to keep it simple and as few moving pieces as possible for a first cycle e/c is reccomended.


Good point, it makes sense. Thanks @Fitraver


I just happened to get a hold of sust for my first few times and did it 3x a week


Thats a personal preference for me. If I am gonna cycle sust I might as well cycle prop. Most users who cycle sust usually only inject 2Xs/wk. So IMO your taking as much of an advantage of the shorter acting ester.


Ok thanks


@John The simple answer is to overcome the fear of injections because they are less frequent and to maintain a steady more consistent serum blood level.

In a nut shell it is for simplicity.


Ha ha yes. Nobody showed me nothing, I poked n hoped. But if most people use sust 2x a week, then it’s sane usage as c or e


My personal preference is to pin sust 3x per week through week 4 then I switch to 2x per week.


If only everyone followed the KISS rule more diligently.


That’s what my friend said when I lost my virginity at this, at the time I jus went with it, no questions or research, now it still makes the most sense, keep those levels peaking


Ha ha they told us that In military, and your right it makes a hell of a lot a sense