New verified source PARAMEXER


it’s always a pleasure. quick, easy, discreet!


I know he’s fast…its magic…


@paramexer does it right … quick communication, pay, 2-3 days shows up well packaged and discreet! On his NNP / Test prop now… 400 nnp /500 tp…Both compounds doing what they should.


i promise i’ll email you back muscle man


Thought maybe you didn’t like me…:disappointed_relieved:. Its your fault that you ahem threw in a couple things last time. LOL.


might as well have hgh domestic too … :upside_down_face:


Another one stop shop man are we getting fkn spoiled here at UGM :metal:t2:


Hey bud been emailing you to put a order in and no reply. I know your probably busy or I got the wrong email unless you changed it. Would be awesome if you hit me up so I could put in a order