New verified source PARAMEXER


it’s always a pleasure. quick, easy, discreet!


I know he’s fast…its magic…


@paramexer does it right … quick communication, pay, 2-3 days shows up well packaged and discreet! On his NNP / Test prop now… 400 nnp /500 tp…Both compounds doing what they should.


i promise i’ll email you back muscle man


Thought maybe you didn’t like me…:disappointed_relieved:. Its your fault that you ahem threw in a couple things last time. LOL.


might as well have hgh domestic too … :upside_down_face:


Another one stop shop man are we getting fkn spoiled here at UGM :metal:t2:


Hey bud been emailing you to put a order in and no reply. I know your probably busy or I got the wrong email unless you changed it. Would be awesome if you hit me up so I could put in a order


list …


Nice. By the way everyone . the superdrol is very good. I know maybe it’s hard to fuck it up but 20 to 40 mg felt right.


major restock is about half done, new list is coming soon!


I’m excited in my pants.


No more setbacks!!! Kick ass. 2019. You don’t remember but maybe… I wanted to keep the grim reaper prop. But, a buddy of mine had to have it. Hope it was good!!! I mean as good or better…he’s all tatted up and loved the " concept"


lmao yes those are very rare. now i try to go with colors in labels that don’t use black ink bc it runs out so quickly. honestly, labels are a mother fucker i am just going to have every hormone blended into one concoction and call it “steroids”, good luck with the pip


Just got my stuff in today and great response time and shipping and packing on point. Took my first shot of tren today so should be no time before I start seeing results. I have heard good things and am excited to see how I get on. IMG_20181004_122155


Looks fantastic bro!!


Nice golden juice :star_struck::muscle:


Nice!!! New slim tall bottles…fancy! Lol great source for sure.


Thanks for sharing @Rampage. In the future make sure you post in the sponsors dedicated category any thing sponsor specific. I took the liberty of changing it for you this time around.

Thank you for your future consideration.


Ah yes the devils piss always has a place in my heart