New verified source PARAMEXER


The goodies have arrived epic timing for sure




The shipping time is unmatched


Can we see some pictures of that beautiful gear??


I’ll take a few pics on Monday when I take my first pins. And give a review on how it feels smells and tastes


How about this…


Now theres a stash to be proud of lol


This is nice porn big family :grin::muscle: enjoy


Thanks guys and I’m such a happy guy right now but give that DevilsPiss a few weeks in me and…


@John your going to love that Tren bro. I had the opportunity to load up on it before my last fight. Well your either going to love it or your wife is going to hate it…one of the two lol😈


I’m sure I will brother, and I’m sure she won’t… 6 weeks max


And I swear up and down each time I won’t do it again…but ahhhh man


Damn right you did! UGM FOR LIFE!!


a few notes… adex and tren 300 will be ready for shipping tuesday. proviron is now in stock. PRICELIST HAS BEEN UPDATED
autoreply list -> [email protected]
orders -> [email protected]


thank you everyone for keeping me busier than ever :fire::fire::fire:. I’m really aiming to please when you visit my store. should have mast/tren/tprop blend next week. tprop 75/ npp 50 in stock now.


having a phone crisis so I’m locked out of wire/ wickr. [email protected] if you guys need me.



Sent an email yesterday for ya.