New verified source PARAMEXER


Nice looking🤓


Ever consider adding DHB?


certainly in the future. i’ve made some in the past for myself but haven’t hadn’t any demand for it


[email protected] is my new autoreply email for pricelist. Orders will still need to be sent to [email protected] . I will no longer have a minimum for orders paid with bitcoin. Orders are going out the day after payment. Hope everyone’s training is starting off strong this year, I had to delay mine for a few weeks but just switched from “cruising” to sustanon 1cc/ npp 150 2cc EOD. Been away from the nandrolones for a year…it’s time to get strong again UGM


I don’t know how to do a proper review for you…


I know there’s a new way to do it but uhhh not sure


Just follow the instructions


I know how. GOOD SHIT👿


Ok so I guess I’m dumb cause I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spell out all the question parts, just the answers


Well whup-de-fucking-do brother ha ha


I appreciate it @Bigmurph and uhhh thanks @rnmuscle


Just savin’ lives over here. My new one size fits all review: Nothing floating in vial, survived 12 weeks, Almost sure it ain’t poison G2g!


geeeez bro, I definitely have higher standards than that. even if i was sending it straight to botswana myself!


You just have to delete everything that you don’t need and then fill in the answers


You have to add that it was definitely fire.


Copy that


@paramexer can’t wait to try the goods


I just ordered excellent customer service super timely response time. I’m ready for the liquid of gods lol… time to activate hulk mode :muscle:t2:


I just received a order,second time I’ve used @paramexer and have no complaints so far… review at a later date.


This is my second time ordering as well.