New to UGM and looking for good advice and help!


So a quick intro… im 36 years old, weighing in at 190#, 5 foot 11 inches. Been running a cycle that includes tren a, test e… its my 2nd cycle I’ve ever run, and looking for any good advice, tips, tricks, anything that can help. I have a reliable source I go threw but would like to try a new one just to always keep my options open. Just got blood work done and will try to figure out how to get it posted for all to see


Welcome to the board. We have many experienced members here so don’t hesitate to ask any specific questions. We are all here to help ya out my man.


Several great verified sources on this board…read though the posts, welcome and enjoy!


Welcome !!!


Welcome to ugm glad to have you around brother

BECAREFUL please no links lol


What are your doses?
And when I did test e and tren ace I pinned 3/4 cc test e and 1 cc tren ace with master prop
Test 600-700
Tren ace 300
Master prop 300
Was a good run
Cycle suppert
I was using caber. 5 e3d with aromasin 12.5 eod
Next run I am gonna use prami.


I am not running test e and tren a right now. I was running test e @ 250 e3d. And tren a @ 50 eod.
It was a good run but didn’t have a diet in place or an exact routine figured out. At that time I was using a home gym with minimal equipment and no plans really!


Ive heard prami to have some crazy side effects. Im just curious if you had issues with caber and if that is the reason for the change?


Only because it’s cheaper.
I love caber I might order it from a peptides supplier who had caber caps before


@Jolter604 we have several sources at that have pfizer cabaser. No need to go tracking down a Yugo when the Maserati is already in the driveway. :wink:


I always recommend pharma grade.
Just a personal preference though.


I have access to Pfizer
But it is pricey.
I went ahead and sent a request from my boss for. Some


It can be for sure but when everything is said and done the expense is minimal compared to the amount of quality food we consume on a monthly basis.

Jollies are the least expensive part of a cycle. :wink:


Plus Noone wants utters


Very true!