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You’ve decided to look into using steroids and are unsure where to begin. Maybe you have an idea of where to begin, you’ve heard that gear makes you get huge, and you may even have a first cycle in mind. The following criteria will help you decide if the time is right for you to begin. The most important caveat to keep in mind is STEROIDS SHUT DOWN NATURAL PRODUCTION OF ANDROGENS AND SUCH NATURAL LEVELS OF ANDROGENS NEVER RETURN TO NORMAL AND POST CYCLE THERAPY IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR THE RETURN OF NATURAL PRE-STEROID USE PRODUCTION OF ANDROGEN I.E., TESTOSTERONE. USE OF ANABOLIC ANDROGENIC STEROIDS COMES WITH RISKS. USE WISELY, AND SANELY. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO UNDERSTAND THESE RISKS. A WONDERFUL SOURCE FOR SUCH INFORMATION IS DAVE CROSLAND.

Here is the checklist:

  1. You have been training for at least 3 years, and i mean TRAINED. Not 3 days a week doing 3 sets of 8-10 per exercise. You are well acquainted with a variety of training protocols and have used them. If such need to be spelled out for you, you are not ready.

  2. You have reasonably ascertained that you have reached or are close to reaching your natural, genetic potential. This is fairly subjective, you only need to be honest with yourself here. Honesty is the best policy.

  3. Your body fat percentage is at or below 15%. Ideally, it will be below 12%. If its higher than 15%, you need to use diet and training to drop the fat naturally. Its not too difficult to do this. Steroids are not for fat loss. They may have a positive effect on fat loss, but only shines when bf% is already low.

  4. You have done a full hormonal, metabolic, and lipid panel (blood work), thus you know your base levels of testosterone (free, bound, and total), your estrodiol, liver levels, and lipids. If anything needs corrected, like lipids, correct the issue before beginning steroid use.

  5. You are well acquainted with diet protocols, know how to ratioalize macros or at the very least know what they are, and their importance. If you had to work to get sub-12% body fat, you’re in good shape.

This may all sound harsh. Many steroids are harsh, and being ready for using strong compounds is serious business. Your safe and sane use is our main concern, and such concern and appeal to safety and sanity cannot be stressed enough.

Good luck, and may Gods bless you on your journey to your health and fitness goals :muscle:t3:


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So I do agree with all of this but I posted something like this once and the part about being under 15% bf or dieting down before using. I had a power lifter who sits at 20% bf + sometimes and he said the whole thing like who are you to tell me what my bf has to be to use gear. I bench 1000lbs lol he got really pissed. So ever since then I have realized that powerlifters are going to have a heavy bf and still run gear. So there are a few exceptions to these rules but I do agree with all of them.

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Awesome post @Blast23 I know me personally I waited till I was 26 ior 27. My best friend told me to wait and make sure I wanted to go down the “dark path” lol before I started. I waited another year before I did my first cycle. Was so afraid of needles he did my first 2 cycle shots for me lol. And I’ve been hooked ever since. Have competed and done very well even on the national stage.
Always respect gear and don’t rely on it to do the work for you. Bust your ass always.
Keep up the awesome posts bro


In all honesty, I did not follow the outline I wrote. I wasn’t ready when I started (and life was in near shambles at the time I started), but thankfully I ran only 350mg/week of test P for 8 weeks. I only hope that others (especially young guys) go about this in the safest way.


I have everything in check except the BF%… 27% bf as of today, but i’ve started cutting 2 weeks ago. Figured out maintenance calories and started the cut. No cardio yet cuz i want to save it for when i’m too low on calories to continue the deficit. I’ve been out of the gym for 7 months due to an injury so im gonna definitely have a mini recomp. In my country i get practically free bloods so i do them every 6 months even though im natty. Everything checks out except slightly high E, but i guess that could be from higher BF%. When i get down to around 15%bf im thinking of running my first cycle at 250mg test E split twice a week to have less sides with Aromasin as my AI. Any advice would be appreciated!


My advice would be do exactly what your doing basically prepping your body to be ready to run a cycle. I would also definitely recommend using a pharmacy grade Ai and pharmacy grade pct if your going to run one its really worth it.
Im also about to put up a new topic titled nolvadex only unless AI needed part 2 then fighting gyno without letrozole. Keep an eye out you might decide to run pharma grade nolvadex until your estrogen needs to be lowered because the increase in gains and the protection against gyno is much better than with just an ai.


i am down to 22% bf sitting at 208lbs at 5 ft 5 inches. Total loss of 5% bf in 1 month. With no cardio yet. Eating around 2800kcal atm. The muscle memory is kicking in and the strength gains are coming again. hit 495lbs on the deadlift for 3x3 today at an RPE 9. Followed by 5x5 on front squats with 225lbs (i know, its weak but im just still learning how to front squat). I hope to hit 15% bf by the end of february so that i can order my test-E and get this party started


That’s not a weak front squat at all. That’s a lot more than some guys can back squat. I never ever do front squat. I’d be lucky to do 135 without falling over haha.


in my circle of friends and peers its pretty weak. Mainly because they all lift big numbers. A good training buddy of mine overhead presses 225 for reps with clean form. Im lucky to have people like that in my training circle.


It’s always great to have a good training Buddies it pushes you forward and helps you get your gains and goals because they’re standing right there pushing you forward to reach everything that you can achieve.


just to say im at 18% bf now, stronger than ever. squatted 405 for 3x3 this past week. and i think its time to hit it into high gear… :smirk: as someone who has never run real gear other than superdrol for 1 cycle, i was thinking about 250mg test E split twice a week. im living in portugal now, and i dont really trust local sources so i was thinking about ordering from a reputable source. what do you guys suggest as a good place to start at? price isnt in the equation, i just want the cleanest stuff i can get my hands on. thanks a bunch!


Any source on this site I would rexommend. So are you only going to do 250mg test a week or 250 twice a week?


I’m going to do 250mg split up into 2 shots. So 125mg 2x week