New to site was wondering about hcg if it's needed for pct


What’s up bros was wondering what your thoughts on hcg is it needed or not for pct, heard of taking it on cycle as well as heard you need it to recover. Never used it before was wondering if it’s needed.


Honesty I’ve only used it once. I never crash or have problem bouncing back. Some guys do. Also hcg helps your natural testosterone levels. Formme it’s up to each person. I’ve never really seen any benefit of it. Welcome to the board


I run it year round got it as partners of my trt. Welcome.


Welcome to UGM our lil family!! I also run it year round 500mcgs on Monday and Thursday. It helps keep my boys from not disappearing hahaa
I think it def is important part of pct as it stimulates the Leydig cells to start producing testosterone. Combined with clomid and nolvadex gets your body back on track


Thanks, so whathat would be a good dose for pct I heard 10-15 days is enough then finish up pct with clomid and nolva


Yeah that should work good man do 1000mcgs a day for 2 weeks then switch over to 100mgs clomid and 40mgs nolvadex for another 4-6 weeks should do the trick


Awesome so you think I should start my clomid and nolva after I run the hcg for those 2 weeks or jus take them both when I start pct with the hcg. Thanks for the help I appreciate it


I usually do hcg for 2 weeks then switch over to 50mgs clomid twice a day and .5mg of arimidex or 40mgs of nolvadex for another 4-6 weeks bro. Get bloods done at end of pct to see if you have recovered fully as well


One of the more knowledgeable guys when it comes to PCT is Dr Scally.
He suggests running hcg right up until the start of PCT and not longer.

I’d get 5000 Iu and divide it out over my cycle and run that dose.
10 weeks at 500 a week for the final 10 weeks.
I also prefer the ovitrelle brand of hcg.
Great shelf life and stability


I run it year round, accepting I will be on (at least) TRT for the rest of my life. I run 1000 mcgm per week, two sub q injects per week just to keep some normal testicular size and functionality. In several studies, it has show to increase the testicular inner testosterone production… not certain how significant though! Hope this helps.