New Kid on the Block


Hey everyone! Glad to come across this new forum! I was recommended to check it out by one of the sponsors. I’ve been in the bodybuilding game for a few years now, always growing and learning!! Hoping to find a good community here to obtain knowledge and advice. I look forward to getting to know you and learn from you!


Welcome bro! Nice to have you here!


Welcome to UGM brother!


Great to meet you. Welcome


Welcome @IronHelix
You won’t find a better group of people / forum on the internet.




Glad to have you as a member at UGM brother hit me up anytime


Welcome glad to have you.




Welcome !!!


nice to meet you !


Welcome bro glad to have you here with us at the best site ever! Anything you need we are here to help :+1:t2:


Welcome to the board.


Welcome to the UGM family!