New Hyperlinks feature for the board content


Hey guys so you will see some new links on the site. We now added the feature of hyperlinked words. Lets say someone mentions @UNITED in a thread and just types the name United. It will autohyperlink to their source page on the site. Same if someone messages @SymBiotecLab and just types symbiotec it will link the same to their source pages. Same if someone ask a question about and types canada then will go to our canadian source @CanadianMadeLabs

This helps retention and SEO when people are searching to find source pages or info fast.

Dont try to edit it out cause it doesnt work that way lol.

Some key words on the site we will be using and others we will redirect. If you want to know more let myself or @Bigmurph know and we can fill you in.


Thanks for all the work you put it!


Awesome job TrenGod you are the man!!