New EU law and how it could affect us


Hey guys so if you havent heard by now the EU is enacting (passed one vote and still needs one more) a copyright law. This law is pretty fucking stupid and many sites will just start geo blocking the EU.

One of the concerns with Article 13 and 11 is that if anyone posts a link from an site or uploads a shared photo then that is required to pay the company for use of the link.

Theyre claiming an exception is allowed but that is when the site removes all links and has a dedicated system in place for it. Sites like reddit and some even claimed google will have to pay the sites for displaying their links.

Most likely I think our best bet is to geoblock the EU. Anyone coming from those countries will need to use a vpn to access.

You can read more about it here :


Wow that is completely ridiculous.


That’s the what they are using to get back at us for tariffs. Screw them


This is just if your living in the EU?