New Cycle


Yup exactly what bigmurph said. I’m also a fan of using prop as a taper it seems it’s easier for me to Time my pct and I feel the recovery is quick doing it this way. povi is always a great addition to any cycle.

I say if you want to hit the cyp and prop do it. I’d just mix a little cyp in with every prop shot. However, drop the cyp at least 3 weeks out… that’s how I would do it anyway


Any suggestions on how much prop to add to the cyp or vice versa?


I’d do 1/2 cc of the cyp and 1 cc of the prop
That would put you above the dose you are wanting to run though


The prop is 150


Oh well then you would be just fine with 1/2 cc each


So on days that I pin the cyp and the prop on the same day its okay to mix them in the same syringe and pin them at the same time?




I haven’t posted a pic since the very beginning. Finally downloaded an app that allows me to remove (somewhat) some of my identifying tats. Here’s a pic of my progress through about 6 weeks in before I switched over to the new src I’m running. If you can scroll to the top, you’ll see the difference (its the same picture I posted bekow the first) Pretty amazing then again my training has been that compared to when i was at or close to the top of game in the boxing gym



Here’s the earlier pic for quick reference

needless to say I’m up a couple weight classes in sparring. Not quite where I want to be yet but I’m definitely on my way.:boxing_glove::muscle:


For the members that aren’t aware click on the pic to see full view. :muscle::boxing_glove:


Massive difference, nice work and keep grinding!


Thanks brother!


Some more updated pics of arms through week 8 :muscle:


Im on day 7 as of today adding the Proviron in at 50mg a day and I have also started using @Iron_Junkie_Labs 300mg Test C e3d along with his Test P @75mg or 1/2cc eod. Started out the Prop in my delts @50mg ed just got to be too sore, tender, and bleeding on nearly every pin so switched to glutes eod and seems to have done the trick. Absolutely loving the gear and my progress!