New Cycle


Those guys definitely rock, bigmurph suggested them to me so I placed and order it literally arrived a day and half later.


Yup medlab rocks!


It will be at your door in a day and a half fastest shipping. I sometimes believe that they work for the post office because its just amazing how fast your pac arrives

They are verified also there just private

Tell Valerie that BIGMURPH says hello in your order notes she is the best


Week 3- In the books. After a sub-par week last week as far as the scale goes compared to week 1, this past week seems to have put me back on track up another 4lbs. Bringing my total gained 13.5lbs over 3 weeks. I spoke with @Bigmurph the other day about extending my cycle from the originally planned 10 weeks to 12, possibly 14 weeks. I’m in the 4th week now as of monday and to be totally honest I haven’t really felt the test “kick in” fully yet. Don’t get me wrong the scale, the mirror, and the comments from friends & co-workers say otherwise but my 6 day training schedule and constant feeding schedule could be some of that weight gain but I am growing at what I feel is a rapid pace. Maybe you brothers could help me out with these questions. (Are these symptoms of the test kicking in) 1- Sweating profusely at night in my sleep. 2-Tenting but not every morning & not an incredible increase in libido just yet, sex drive about the same & I’m normally a happy morning person and haven’t noticed a great increase in that already good mood. 3- 3 days a week training 2× per day and not much soreness at all, almost seemingly able to train and train and rebound very quickly. When will i feel the libido and sex drive go thru the roof. I do feel like I’m getting stronger with each workout.


Let me state that training schedule correctly. Training 6 days per week but 2× per day 3× per week and still hitting the boxing gym 2 hrs a day 3× per week.


I’m on week 11 and I don’t teally have a like gear feeling unless I look in the mirror or I’m working out I work out hard and then eat a lot and my muscles feel like I didn’t even work them out and I wanna go back to the gym. Everyone is different tho. Some feel like a god other just knownit working cause of the gains in the gym in my opinion. It’s different for everyone.


The sweating is from the gear if I remember correctly you are running sust it takes forever to start working and the estro conversion will cause you to sweat around your neck and back. I truly don’t get super horney on cycle im already super horney off cycle so I think it just stays the same.3.
Becareful not to overtrain you want to get good sleep for recovery


Not sust. Test Cyp 250mg e3d @Bigmurph


I am however planning on adding sust and upping the test c to 300mg×2 per week or 1× and 250mg sust ×1 per wk if i decide to extend the cycle another 2-4 weeks.


My bad I have like a 15 sec memory lol.
Add proviron you will get so much more out of 300mg
If you extend don’t extend with sust use test e or c sust will f up your pct with the undeconate ester


Note & advice taken brother. What brand and mg per day or week of proviron do you recommend?


@Fitraver @Islandswole @swole88 @Bigmurph is there a smaller box other than 100 ct of 25g ×1in with syringes that i can order from I saw just the 25g pins in a box of 25 but no syringes included or am I just missing it?


I’ve always gotten the 100 packs combos. It’ll def be the cheaper route I’d just get 100.


Same as fit, I always get the 100 count


Same as the rest.


I guess not you used to be able to adjust the amount


@Bigmurph Placed my order with was able to find a 15% off coupon code as well. About $35 for 100 ct 25g ×1in & 3cc syringes. Cant wait to do away with these 22gauge bro! Thanks again for the referal bro!


That’s the place, GPZ is good too. I’ll tell u guys, I prefer the 22g or 23g. I have 25 and was doing delts. Usually, I am joking but lately the 25 hurts more. I found out why and it was from reading for shits and giggles, mick harts 2nd book. (Rip) or is it prison, I think he overdosed like Trevor. Anyway, I like looking back and seeing what some of these guys recommend 15 or more years ago. I am loading up 3ml and pushing too hard! It takes a few minutes with a steady push. You can feel the scar tissue as well. A 22g just slices right through and less pressure on the push. If I go in my glute and push too long… Sounds strange? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I cramp up in my fingers, thanks Mr yang, and my serratus. Just a little comment. Maybe the new carrier oil will be easier.


I will say the 25 in the glute. Seems to take forever and my hand gets shaky and my finger cramps and I feel like I try to over force it. Even when I heat up the oil. The 23 seems to slide right in not matter if I heat it up or not.


Someone agrees with me! Does anybody remember or have in their museum the old sustanon pre jects. I think it came with a 20g or 18g. That was fun, always a bleeder. I can’t remember if it was stupidity or the needle was not a luer lock. The only way you could switch the Mexican one was buy shooting it into another syringe or putting a few in a vial and redrawing.