New bust in Orland Florida area


Well another gear lab was busted also rumors of manufacturing meth. This time by the feds. If you are active on social media and follow bodybuilding you may have heard of Dillion Williamson. He was a big jacked dude getting ready for JR Nationals won the florida state in 2016, I believe. He was known on social media for his extravagant vehicles. Everyone always wondered (they knew) how he had so much money.

Rumor has it he was busted last year for gear but the case didn’t have enough evidence so charges were dropped. Well being a dumb ass he kept doing his same routine and flashing his toys and house. He even opened an Instagram account selling gear. Well the feds built a case against him and this week he was arrested along with his girlfriend with no bond!

Why people get so careless and then go to social media to sell their product is beyond me. Just thought you guys may want to hear about this as I’m finding out.


I lost it at this lol


Does anyone know what name he was selling under?


I know 2 people that were very close to him and were most likely moving it for him but I’m afrais to contact either one. Funny one of them years ago tried to get me to use his brand. I passed because just didn’t feel right about it.


well unfortunately meth kills brain cells…he have been doomed all along with that combo :anguished::anguished:


I’ve met both of these clowns… See the issue with the Orlando area is everyone loves to flash and swears they are untouchable because the stuff is abundant there. You could find it in most hardcore gyms in that area… and they aren’t the most discreet about it.


What was his brand @PHD?


I have no clue. I’ll try to find out. I have a few guys I can ask. I don’t want to ask the guys that I know were tied directly to him don’t need that attention lol


Yeah be safe bro


I’m hearing the brand was called hulk with hulk face on it. I know years ago Dallas (rip) used that brand because he gave me the website to order. Said it looks cheesy but very good stuff. Who knows for sure if same brand.


He was given a second chance and still lost…too bad.


Oh dang, there was a company years ago that was called hulk body and I know they got busted a few years back. Wonder if there is any connection there. Stay safe guys👊


Dumbass and careless! I’ve known of too many stories similar to this guys, why I don’t like fucking with people at gyms! Too many people brag and show off! Bringing unwanted attention


This ass wipe deserves what he got! Couldnt be anymore of a fkn moron about it and just had to shove it in everybody’s face now he can have everybody’s shit shoved in his ass! Funny how life serves you due justice :point_right:t2::ok_hand:t2:


I believe it’s since then changed from Hulk, definitely a go to for quite a few pros in the area


I know Dallas mcgarver was using that brand years ago like I said not sure same people. And definitely don’t mess with anyone local people love to brag oh such and such uses my shit he’s big so you know it’s good. Lol


Haha so true man.


Just speculation but he could have been the person that snitched on big D same area and time frame for getting busted but this guy didn’t get locked up with the 27 co defendants big d had in his case.

Remember no facts behind this statement just a wild guess based on a time frame of how things went down.


Wow that’s crazy! I didn’t realize that was the same area.


Is this a new thread or old is this?