Never got around to intro


Alright so I see a bunch of intros and realized I never introduced myself… I’m 32 years old-5’10” 175 lbs… I have been workin out steadily now for a little over 5 years… I was in the Marine Corps for a while back when I was in my early 20’s… Had cancer shortly after the Marines… so I didn’t work out for about 3-4 years… I was down to 120 lbs after all the chemo and radiation… Once I was better and healthy I started hittin the gym regularly and gym is pretty much life now! Glad to be here and am open to any and all knowledge i can gain! Thanks for having me!


Welcome !!!


Welcome. Thanks for your service. Several other vets here as you prolly know by now.




Welcome brotha, glad to have you with us, thank you for your service!


Welcome to the UGM family brotha! Ty for your service and glad to hear you are doing better! Anything you need we are here to help :facepunch:t2:


Semper fi devildog!!


Mos? Where were you stationed?




Semper fi! I was a Legal Admin… I had some tickets and alcohol charges and had to get a waiver to join and had to go in as an open contract… i wanted to go 0311 but didn’t get to… I was in camp Johnson for a while and ended up back at Pendleton


I was over seas, and did training in 29 palms (fuckin hot) but mostly in shithole camp lejeune nc


yea I didnt mind 29 palms cuz I had family that lived in SoCal… I didn’t like Lejeune too much either


Ha ha nobody likes lejeune


We have walked some of the same trails @KoJacked11. Welcome Devil Dog.


Right on! Thanks Brotha


Welcome my friend.