Needed to change the title of the post


Decided to edit th post , apologies. I meant no harm but the statement.


Hang in there boss, all UGM sponsors are good to go, my best advice is to stop looking up the tracking # and just trust the process :slight_smile:


Very good advice… leave that tracking number alone!


Bro not to sound like a dick but this isn’t social media we don’t need to post up threads like this. Give the source time to pack and ship stuff. If it’s been 3-4 days since you paid and no tracking then contact the source. Sorry to sound like a dick.


Agreed with @PHD you should not be making his post at all. For your safety you should be editing this title too. If you’re that impatient pick a different hobby this isnt for you.


Not to be a dick but grow up! This isnt facebook no one care about your impatience! These guys know what they are doing and will get your pack to you!


Its true its safer not to track your package. Every time you track that number it shows you did it. If something were to happen you would have to explain why you were interested in that package. Instead of having total deniability.

Be careful brother


It is my opinion as a member, and not as a moderator, is that this type of post should be kept private between the individual and the sponsor. The less information that we provide publicly concerning shipping, tracking and delivery the safer we all will be.

If I were in your situation @Dusk I would reach out and ask this question directly to the sponsor with whom I placed the order. Cut out the middle man and go straight to the source that can provide you the information you are looking for.

Either that or you could see dozens of different answers here and you would still be in the same boat… wondering. :wink:


@Dusk semper said it better than me.