My first cycle - Major


You get my pm bro


are you on your phone?


Got it @Fitraver.
Yes @josh I’m on the phone app. I logged into website and couldn’t find points either.


Today’s back routine. Also did some calves in between but didn’t log it. I was down 1.5 lbs today. Not sure what that’s about. I’ll check in the morning to see if I was just dehydrated some.


On the app on your phone this is where you get your points for the elite



That’s strange… maybe try logging out and then back in or on the first screen I showed you but that little recycle button for the system to sync


I logged out and back in. I think it’s working now but I lost the last 3 1/2 weeks of logs. Only have 100 points.


Looking forward to posting up some pics and lifts in the new section when it is completed. Also looking forward to seeing what other members here are working with. I know im in full beast mode :smiling_imp:


I’m nowhere near your level. I’ll never be a mass monster but I’m making progress.


Superset arms and some abs today. I gained back the missing 1.5 lbs so I must have been a little dehydrated which is strange because I drink 1 - 1.5 gallons a day.


@Major Thank you for your commitment to your log. How is your TestE cycling going? Any unexpected side effects or positive surprises?


Thats all you can strive for bro is to make steady progress. Ive been at this for 20 years i better be as big as i am or i didnt learn a damn thing through all those years :wink:


You’re doing awesome bro. Did you post before pics or plan on doing progress photos?


So far, so good. The only side effect I’ve noticed is some breakouts on my back. Well, that and me chasing the ol lady around the house constantly. I haven’t used an ai yet because I wanted to see how I reacted. I’m getting labs next week so I’ll know if it’s needed yet. I’m already getting a plan together for my next round even though it will be a while.

@Fitraver I haven’t posted any pics.


Thanks for the update. The acne is a pretty good sign of elevated estrogen. Great to hear your grabbing lab work. Elevated estrogen can hinder your results… so I have read. :wink:


Maybe you were logged in as a guest or something, I’m sorry for showing you that if you lost your logs, I know those are very important!
Well ar least now you should be getting all your points, and weekly progress emails


Nothing too exciting today. Up .2 lbs from yesterday.


Hit legs again this morning. Up another .2 lbs this morning. Rest day tomorrow.


On stiff legged deads try putting your toes on 5lb plates. Helps put the weight on your heels and really can feel the stretch in the Hams. Unless you already do that haha