My first cycle - Major


Good work bro.


Thanks boss!


I took a rest day today. Back at it tomorrow. I’m still hovering about 8 1/2 lbs up so far. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately so I’m pretty sure I’m making progress. Looking in the mirror, I can really tell a difference in my delts and forearms. Hopefully, I can keep this pace for a couple more months.


Hopefully you took before pics. Best judge of progressive. I am a picture fiend lol


Took pics and measurements.


The picture category is almost finished I believe that every one is going to like what you can earn for just posting pictures and posting about progress.

I love the log major glad to hear that you are getting better


I’ve missed a few days on my log. I’m still at it just really busy and haven’t gotten around to logging. I’m up 13 lbs to date. Worked chest/shoulders/calves today. Shoulder is feeling good!


Thanks for updating as your time allows @Major. Get news about your shoulder!


Yesterday’s workout. I was in a hurry so had to get in and out. Gained another pound so up 14 to date.


Damn bro! 14 lbs? Nice. How many weeks and what weight did you start at? I’m being lazy and don’t want to go back and look haha.


29 days in. I started at 208. I haven’t measured body fat but from looking I haven’t gained much. “I’ve been trying to keep it fairly lean. Eating 3500 a day.


3.5lbs a week is a damn good chunk. If you’re wanting to stay lean your surplus may be a bit much. But could also be a decent amount of water too.


Yesterday’s workout. I also did my calf routine at the end.


Legs this morning


Looks like you’ve got enough logs going with the jefit app have you upgraded to the elite yet? Once you hit 1000 points you can get the elite for free for one month!


I’m still using the basic at the moment.


how many points have you obtained logging your workouts with Jefit? Its free to upgrade to the elite when you hit 1000 points! After 1 month they automatically bring you back to the regular account status unless you keep logging!


I’m curious, What app is this one?


I can’t see my points. It keeps saying invalid password even though I’m logged in.