My first cycle - Major


Pin #1 in the books! No pain going in but I’ll see if it gets sore throughout the day. Couple of things I noticed - 1 1/2” is pretty damn long and the 1 cc syringes are pretty flimsy. I went with those since I won’t be pushing over a mL this round. I guess I tweaked my lower back in my sleep and it’s killing me to rotate my trunk. I’m going to try to make it through back day. Hopefully, I don’t have to throw in the towel.


Flimsy?? I’ve never had a flimsy syringe. What do you mean? And what brand?


This scares me reading this. A word that should never be in a sentence with your syringe or needle is “flimsy”.
Are your syringes ok to use? A break off in your leg or arm could be a serious problem. I use 25 guage 1.5 inch for my legs but I use 25 guage 1 inch for my arms. Are you using twist on needles and switching needles after pulling and before injecting? I’m crazy about my injection protocol because i’m so worried about an infection.


25g 1" is a great overall pin. Unless you are carrying a lot of body fat it will work in all of the most popular injection sites including glutes.

I draw with a 21g, switch pins and inject with 25g 1".


I may not have worded that right. The syringe itself isn’t flimsy. It’s just when the plunger is all the way back and I’m trying to reach around myself plus I’m pushing very slow. I’m in the healthcare field and have plenty of experience with pinning others just never myself. I put my safety first.


That sounds great. I was a little worried about you brother lol


Oh yeah that makes sense now. Just gotta work on your flexibirlt :wink: haha.


Back/trap/shoulders (75 second rests)
Warmup: eliptical 10 min
Pull-ups: 10x4
Lat pulls behind head: 140x10x2, 150x10, 160x 9
Row machine: 130x10, 140x10, 150x10, 160x10
Cable pullovers (arms straight): 160x10, 170x10, 180x10, 190x10
BB shrugs: 185x10x4 hold contractions 3 seconds
DB upright rows: 45x10x2, 50x10x2
DB Standing lateral raises (bent): 35x10x2, 40x10x2
DB military press: 55x10x2, 60x10x2
DB front raises (straight): 25x10x4
Prone incline lateral raises (straight): 20x8x2
72 minutes total not counting warmup.

Probably taking tomorrow off. Whatever I did to my lower back last night is not cooperating and I don’t think it will tolerate squats.


Well, my diet fell short today. P-266 C-98 F-99 for a whopping 2524 total. That was force feeding myself. Hoping my appetite will pick up. On another note, no pip today. If I think about it, I notice it’s there, but barely.


I may be sidelined a few days. I could barely roll out of bed today. I guess I pulled something in my lower back. I got a shot of toradol in the ass and some muscle relaxers. FYI more pip than the test. Hoping I heal quickly.


Damn man I have been there. Last time I did it was on bent over rows. I had to go get muscle relaxers and was able to do light upper body after 2 days off but took me a week to be back to normal. Those can be awful. Chiro helped me a ton. Might wanna look into that.


Godspeed in your recovery. Injuries suck arse!


Thanks fellas. It seems the older I get, the more common these little tweaks occur.


Adapt and overcome @Major. No Excuses! :wink:


Adapt and over come Outfuckingstanding @SemperFi might as well throw in a semper fi


IIWell I decided to get a late session in. My back wasn’t killing me today and I couldn’t stand taking 2 days off in a row. I didn’t go super heavy on squats so I wouldn’t aggravate my back. Rest was 2.5 minutes on squats and leg press, 1 minute on the rest. Overall was 70 minutes minus warmup. Warmup stationary bike - 10 minutes. Started on squats so pictures are bottom up. Standing calf raises were 15x4 superset with tibia raises. I guess I didn’t log those.


Bi’s/forearms/abs this morning.


Testicle pain? Is it normal for my boys to ache? If so, are there any remedies?


@Major remind me… Are you taking HCG?


Edit: never mind semper asked that as I was typing I guess lol