Mountain-man spring cycle


Holy crap. I wish I could eat a whole half-gallon of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and call it an ‘every day’ meal. For me it would be ‘I just ruined my diet for the rest of the week’ day.


High dose hgh and t4 also 25 years of tweaking my metabolism helps
But being a contractor and physical work ,4 /10 hrs days a week really helps


1 ml cutt stack united gear 6 days per week
8 iu hgh Ed
1 mg adex eod


Awesome t4 is a monster


Tapped into that MM Blend yet?


Day 14 and it’s fantastic


One of the best blends ever.


Looking good MM


I can’t Bragg enough about the United gear blend and the hgh im using waist is down to a size 30 and I wear a XXL shirt snug all is falling into place thank you United gear for making my blend


244 lba


Better pic


Lookin good brother…nice color boxers it compliments your eyes


Lol my eyes are Irish green


Ha ha whoops I tried


Keep it up. The hard work shows!


wow i see you leaner and leaner, great job


Thanks brother im half way there with 50 hr a week labor job and my age I bust my butt for this life style


Yes you do and you are very young


The fat has melted off so fast with the hgh and diet and the cutt stack is holding everything in place really seeing the long term benifits of hgh and new muscle cells growth,be adding insunlin tomorrow so im expecting to blow up and stay lean very very excited


or the insulin could make you fat. :wink:

Can’t out train a poor diet… nice work staying on top of it.

Keep charging forward and double down on your commitment. Stay in charge of the things that you can control and reap the benefits of the tools in your tool box.

Curious question; Do you have a contingency plan for when you stop taking insulin in case you become insulin resistant?