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PWO or pre-workout are very popular products and in the past year this product has become very popular with alot of people. Modafinil is a drug that has been described as the limitless drug I’ve heard it called a cognitive stimulater. I have used it personally for pre-workout and my opinion is that it definitely works. It doesn’t give you any type of high. It does though give you a want to keep going even if you might be exhausted. I read a article about modafinil being created to replace the amphetamine salt mix that they give to pilots in the usa military. The drug got denied for some reason but then went on the American market as a shift work disorder medication. There are many different options of companies Making this medication. I prefer sun pharma Modalert 200mgs. I only take 100mgs at a time and I don’t use it every day. Its a tool I use the days where I might not want to killit in the gym. This helps me push through those thoughts and gets me working hard. I will say that it definitely puts me into a zone that is amazing. It allows me to concentrate so hard on my lifts, form, and getting a perfect workout.
Medications effect everyone different but I do suggest that if you enjoy a good PWO then give modafinil a try.

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Semax from Russia and a peptide selank offer similar but not as good as modanifil. For narcolepsy , and is not classes in USA for now but as soon as " nootropics" get any press they get watched. iMo, although a class 2, Vyvanse is the limitless drug although I believe I read the movie was based on Adderall. The military stuff started after WW1. By WW2 , we and allies were all on dex, Adderall, and Hitler’s goons came up with methamp. Anyway, a funny sidebar is that we took away their pain meds for the most part forcing them to discover methadone, which denied but was brand named adolphine. If anyone who doesn’t have extreme ADD takes Vyvanse, and the modanifil, then the difference would be seen. I’m just going by articles read on subject. You can get as polypharmacy as your heart desires but remember…soapbox…be ready to pay the Piper when he comes knocking, because 100% he will.


I have used modafinil (provigil) in the past for work at 100mg when needed but never as a PWO. It had a positive effect on my alertness & concentration but I cannot say it had much effect on my energy levels. One thing I did notice about it is that it it did not disrupt sleep. I could take it and a few hours later lay down and go to sleep.


Huge difference between not falling asleep and being stimulated. As you know, of course.