MGT HGH AQUA looking for 5 testers!


But it’s free lol. Free is ok but damn I feel
Like a lot of people are always looking for that hand out that next contest lol


what do you need for a good 6 month cycle? Say 2-4iu. and is it really worth doing?


If 100iu kits then you’d need 8 kits for 4iu for 6 months or 4 kits for 2iu for 6 months.


ok cool. thanks. is it worth doing? I’m 44 and already look young… maybe 35ish, but certainly wouldn’t mind looking that way for as long as possible.


It all depends on what your goals are man. You’d wanna get bloods to see where your baseline igf is at. You can pm me if you want to discuss more or if you have questions.


I would like to add that unless you have a very good grasp on diet, training and steroid use the results that you might receive from gh will not be maximized beyond the anti-aging benefits.


thanks for adding your thoughts here. I’m still learning about the benefits/sides of gh and want to keep the info rolling in.