Medlabgear comes through again plus freebies!


This my 4th order from
Ordered Monday morning and package was delivered Thursday morning. Simply amazing how fast they are. I was referred to them by @Bigmurph but I’ve never mentioned it to them until this time I mentioned in the notes section of the order form thanking them for past orders and I was referred to them by Big Murph from UGM…And these guys were awesome enough to throw in (50) FREE 20G 1.5inch drawing pins on top of my order! Can’t ever beat freebies!!!


There really good over there to everyone especially members of UGM. I would reccomend them to everyone. Service is the best. Selection is the best if they don’t have it ask you might just not be able to find it or they have helped with requests in the past.


Remember also im trying to get to become a sponsor at
If you place an order please mention that you heard about them here from me or just say you’re a member of the UGM community



They are top notch!