Meal prep services popping up


I just had someone introduce me to a service that I didn’t even know existed.
Food prep done for you delivered to your door for the whole week at one time.
I searched online and was able to find a few different companies are now offering this service in all different areas.
The one that provides this service near me honestly the menu is amazing the food is geared to fit a athletic diet plan with all macros accounted for and is all fresh and organic ingredients. I have seen these food services for weight loss in the past but never for bodybuilding diets. The food items are loaded with protein carbs and fats. The choices are plentiful so that you could build your high protein low carbs or a high protein high carb diet.
Im really interested in this I meal prep but damn when im on cycle chicken and eggs sometimes are so repetitive that it just sucks. With this I would still meal prep my regular way but be able to sub in actual meals without the processed crap or fast food places that are acceptable but not really sticking to the diet plan I have set.

Does anyone use a service like this or does anyone know someone that does.
Im a little wiry about trying this service.
Its about 10$ a meal and as much as I eat that can break the bank quickly.
I figured that if I could use the meals as supplementation to the every day routine to mix it up it would be great.


Overpriced for the convenience in my experience. Literally for the cost of a single meal I could purchase the highest quality local ingredients, make the meal myself and still save money as compared to these plans.

If you are looking to spend more money on food you’re better off buying higher quality ingredients instead of spending the money on convenience in my opinion.


Way over priced. If I was a millionaire maybe haha. But then I’d just have my own chef.


Yea I know a site- By the time i had all my meals set up and macros right it was way out my price range… it would be nice but I just can’t spend that much… my friend uses them and loves the meals, but she is on a calorie deficit and only eats three small meals a day… she says the food is good and worth it for
Her… I guess it just depends on how much food per meal…


I used a service a few years ago, guy was selling the meals @$7.50/meal. They were flash frozen, so they could stay in in the fridge/freezer for a while. After about two months of eating the meals, I just got sick of eating the same stuff. The meanie never changed and he only had like 10 different meals, but when you’re eating 4-6 meals/day, it’s easy to get tired of them quickly. You’re really paying for convenience, since most people just have a hard time prepping meals due to having full time jobs and all the other responsibilities people have.


I travel for a living and all those services are way over priced. Been around for many years now. Just as @SemperFi said I can cook all my foods for a fraction of the price.


Very true. The hard part is finding somewhere that sells good meats at reasonable prices


Almost anywhere you go has a good quality local grocer. It’s not hard to cook chicken & rice with local sourced produce. Even now some of the major grocery chains are providing more and more locally sourced foods.


That’s easy. Costco has good chicke GFS has the best chicken and prices also have fish and steak. They sell to high end restaurants and open to the public. A hidden gem in most towns.


I can get a whole roasted chicken at Costco for $4.99 and never get less than 2 full pounds of meat off the bone!

I eat at least 2-3 of these a week.

Ask @Fitraver… he knows I am Costco whore.


What’s GFS?


Gordon Food Services


I found a gfs in my area haven’t visited it yet but will be shopping soon


Fuck…I’m getting hungry…I was considering megafitfoods. The one jay Cutler reps/partners. It has a high macro or really I was looking at protein. I’m a horrible cook. For my job it would be great 1 meal per shift plus a shake or extra home cooked meat…100g protein per shift…I was going to get 15 @ like 10 bucks per and then I figured I wouldn’t save them for work…I would eat them at home especially if their good. I tried pianas before at this gym that sold singles. Not that good. I guess its way better than eating 2 or three of the “best micro meals” or people trying to change from unhealthy eating. I try to get to a good place once every 2 weeks…Costco or sprouts is 2 hours one way.